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  1. jaclawn

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    For you guys that treat lawns, do you flag them when finished? In our state, we are not required to flag them, but some of the larger companies do. I generally use dry material and spot spraying, or use a low volume liquid, so a wet lawn is not a major concern like with total liquid apps.

    I don't think that they are of great benefit to my customer, as I leave them a door hanger with all pertinant information, but was thinking that they may be a good marketing tool. We have a lot of walkers/joggeers, and I was thinking that if they see a nice lawn, and a flag with the co. name, it may be a way to drum up business. Any thoughts?
  2. bob

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    I don't leave flags either. On the Pesticide Forum, they were talking about a new law in New York that says you must notify neighbors prior to spraying. This would be a pain in the butt!
  3. sunrise

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    We flag all of are treated lawns. Have gotten a couple of new ones from it and I thank alot of customers like it.
  4. KirbysLawn

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    I flag my lawns also.
  5. BRL

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    We have to flag here in NJ. I would even if we didn't have to. I agree with the marketing angle that you and Sunrise mention. But more importantly, the point of flagging is to let the customer & the public in general know that a treatment has been made. Pesticides are dangerous chemicals & the labels of all of the ones that I have used specifically state to keep pets & people off for at least 24 hours or until watered in for some. Now if your walking your dog down the street the flag lets you know to not let your dog walk on that lawn. I wouldn't want my kids to be playing with one of the neighbor's kids on their lawn & find out that the lawn had been treated that day, but not flagged. So my point is it is not only a potential marketing tool, but a courteous thing to do for the public.
  6. Guest
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    in MN we must flag after we fert or spray

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    The man that does my chemical treatment leaves a flag with the date and what he applied
  8. gusbuster

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    A side that wasn't brought up, what about those environmental freaks.

    I got too many complaints\problems with people who passed me by. They would see me in a zuit suit and respirator & think I was poisoning the world. Or better yet, I would be doing an app. and they would stop in the area or touch the treated area I would be working in. Got to rip off my respirator to tell them get out of the treated area. I never have complaints from customers, just their neighbors and such.
  9. dhicks

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    In Maryland, we are required to flag the yard for any pesticide application. The law even stipulates that the flag not be closer than 12" to the ground nor more than 16" above ground level.
  10. jaclawn

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    Another thought-

    I have seen the applicators truck pull away, and the customer walks out and removes the flag.

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