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    I'm sure you all are getting tired of answering questions about flagstone patios and walks. I searched the hardscaping forum last night for some answers to some questions I had and didn't find them. So if you guys and gals don't mind, I have a few more.

    1. Has anyone used "grey gorge" flags before? The problem here is that the flags are not level (flat) themselves. I have the base course level but the flags are uneven. Most of the pics of flags I've seen on the site look very flat. I'm afraid that the customer will complain about the uneveness of the walk.

    2. Do the edges of my path have to be flat (cut with a saw)?

    3. I have seen various recomendations on the width between flags. Does anybody have "a rule of thumb"? Some of the pics I've seen have small gaps and some have gaps that seem to be 2" between some flags. This is my first path and some of my flags have some big gaps.

    Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated!
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    1. A lot of flag is irregular, that is where a good eye and extra sand or mortar will come in handy, but don't drive yourself crazy trying to make it perfect, just even overall.

    2. Depends on the style of the field, and what the joints are filled with. (large joints probably not, small joints maybe)

    3. Contractor/client preference + time/$ factors = your answer.
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    I appreciate the feedback orionkf.

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