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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Seabass2500, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I have built many flagstone patios (mortared is the topic) and I have always put 4" compacted limestone gravel and 4" of concrete with rebar then the flagstone. I have read in here that some people simply put the flagstone on the compacted gravel... that seems susceptible to cracking in the near future. *and I am talking about a flat patio on already flat ground.

    Obviously the concrete will be 'better' but in a flat, solid soil location is the concrete just a waste of time and money?

    The reason I am asking this now is that I am bidding on a job where it will be impossible to get the concrete to the new patio without taking it 5g bucket by 5g bucket. (same with the stone)

    I appreciate the input!
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    If you have afreeze / thaw cycle - the mortar will crack everytime in not on concrete base.
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    I believe that you can get just as "Better" a flag patio with a good properly compacted base and thick stones.I have not seen concrete or mortar that does not crack .Used crushed not limestone in there and don't mortar your joints,use gravel or something else and that Poly stuff the guys talk about in here
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    Pump trucks are $250 a day here, check your local concrete companys. They can get concrete just about anywhere.
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    In our area there are even guys that run nothing but the pumpers and are not associated with any particular concrete company. They'll have the concrete trucks deliver to them set up on the street in front of your house and then they'll pump it anywhere on the property.
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    If you want mortared joints you must have a concrete base.
    If you just have a gravel or 'dust' base you must have 'dust' joints.

    Any different...payup payup payup ...callbacks for non performance.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Hell... just stack the flagstone and tell the customer to do it themself. :p
  8. Good morning,

    Your question about paving bases, depends on a number of conditions, I have designed and built very very many patios, streets,park paths, even roads.. and the best advice you can find on all is this link..


    My own preference was a compacted sub base, with around 4-6 inches of limestone, then a stiff( dryish ) coarse sand /cement bed with slightly softer sand used for the pointing, it is important to prevent mositure from entering the joints as ultimately it is the freeze thaw action which will break out the flagstones.. also it is much easier to lay a really good flag stone patio if you used 1 inch thick, true rectangular flags , if you would like to see some examples let me know.
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