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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by zinkjo, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. zinkjo

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    I'm doing a flagstone pathway for a customer. Flagstone might be the wrong word. It's the stones that are used to build the flat rock walls. I'm planning on piecing them together like a jigsaw puzzle with 2 to 4 inches in spacing. The walkway will be 3-4 feet wide and 30 feet long. My question is what should I use to fill in the spaces. I was thinking that 2-4 inches might be too much for sand. Would peagravel do the trick? Ideas would be appreciated.

  2. thill

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    We recently did a similar job and used grass to hold it all in place.
    We put down fresh sod, layed all the stones, then cut out for each stone. Sand was used to leveling under the stones only. It turned out well.
  3. n2h20

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    ive used some mexican smooth pebbles of various colors. You can use soil and ground cover in between. The 2" of sand or cement would be a large grout line in my opinion
  4. dmbmikee

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    I just finished a walkway with small patio area, totaling 300' sq. I used slag sand....lol It turned out really well. Although, the flagstone itself, was very tough to level; given it's uneven nature on both the top and bottom...

    The customer was a good friend of mine - and he, as well as I, couldn't decide what to use. So we chose slag. After I laid it (the flagston..haha, sorry), I used Quickcrete mortar sand and swept that in...then swept in slag and dampened. I'd post pics if I could figure the **** out. If you want some pics, just shoot me an email: nortonslandscaping@mac.com

  5. dmbmikee

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    oops, sorry for the double post. I forgot to say, when I bordered it with Quickcrete cement, I noticed the Quickcrete cement would not take to the flagstone.....so keep that in mind. Use mortar or something. **Caution** Obviously, I know little about the masonary trade.
  6. northmichigan

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    i do alot of flagstone work and the best way to set them dry is in a four inch bed of crushed limestone with 5/8" pieces down to stone dust called 9a. i place 5oz. landscape fabric underneath. after cutting and fitting the stones i sweep the openings with 1/8" stone chips. if there is clay on the stones i sweep them with masonry sand to polish them a bit. the base is what prevents them from shifting when the big rains come. the smaller the gaps between the stones the better for looks and duribility.
    good luck.

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