Flagstone patio help ???????

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by keepoffthegrass, May 29, 2007.

  1. keepoffthegrass

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    Hi, I have a 500sq foot patio to install this weekend. After cutting the sod out, what should i use for a base that will not be too expensive? and the less excavating of soil, the better. On smallll jobs sometimes I just through down some fabric and a couple inches of sand and thats it. Should I use screenings for this size job?

    What should I use?

    How thick?

    What to fill the cracks with? peastone?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. echeandia

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    Four to six inches of gravel then landscape fabric covered with two inches of sand.
  3. sheshovel

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    Think you best start study in the hardscaping archives before you go any further.
  4. PatriotLandscape

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    Uhhh you need to do some research before you go any further.

    how much did you charge for the job that you are now trying to get out of it on the cheap?

    your project will fail if you put it on sand exclusively.

    you need 6 inches of processed gravel comapcted and level then screed 1 inch of concrete sand over the top and lay your stone in that.
  5. anthonyr

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    Agreed - you wont realize how much you DONT know what your doing until you get into the hardscaping forum and do some research!! I usually leave with my tail between my legs crying for my mommy!! Ask these guy's - I'm sure they'll let you know exactly what your doing wrong and how to do it right - usually a lot more work than you'd think.
  6. Stillwater

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    people are telling you what to use for a base without knowing your soil conditions or enviroment you need to consider these first before chooseing your base. I installed a massive flagstone patio 15 years ago the only base I used was 6 inches of pea gravel absolutely nothing else and it still looks like the day I put it in. what ever you deside on drop the idea of useing fabric as a weed barrier it is useless totaly and a waist of profit. flagstone patios are one of the most basic and straight foward projects. but digging out for the base is a labor intensive project unless you have a machine if you are doing the digging by hand count on it takeing 3 times longer as you first thought.

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