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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by 41Fever, May 29, 2009.

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    I am a homeowner looking to install a 14x40 area using the precast flagstone(Uniform thickness & 5 piece pattern) from Lowe's. Had the base of compacted gravel set & compacted last fall. Now it is time for the installation(once the flagstone arrives). I would like some professional opinions about how to proceed.
    1. Spread 1" base of sand. Should this be compacted of loose? I am hesitant to use tamper on flagstone for fear of breakage.
    2. Should I use polymeric for joints or pea gravel? Combination of the 2?
    3. Due to irregular shape is edge restraint needed? I figured it would at least keep the poly and/or pea gravel contained/separated from decorative rock that will be install around the flagstones.
    Appreciate any comments/suggestions on this.
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    1.Compacted.Rent a plate compactor from Depot or Lowes.DO NOT use a tamper for any reason to compact unless you want to turn the "5 piece set" into a 20 piece set,use the compactor you just rented after they are all set in the sand.

    2.Polymeric,more specifically Gator Dust if the joints are wider than 1.5 inches.Make sure all the dust is off the patio and in the seams because once that stuff hardens in isn't coming off of the flagstone.

    3.Your edge should be clean and needs to be cut to shape IMO.Could you leave it "irregular"? You can,but I dont think it will look good at all.You should cut your desired shape,lay the edge restraint and then fill with soil around it and compact to hold in the polymeric.The grade around the patio should be even or slightly lower if you are laying sod around it,but there needs to be fill around it to hold it all together.

    You can do the cutting with a corded circular saw and a diamond blade if you don't have a heavy duty saw.

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