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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Oasis-Outdoor, May 29, 2008.

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    I am planning a flagstone walkway (dry laid) for a customer. She wants decorative pea gravel in the grout line areas. I have had success with poly-sand in the grout joints. Has anyone ever tried to put pea gravel in the grout joints while the poly-sand is setting up? Do you think this will affect how the poly-sand cures? Should I wait and sweep the pea gravel in the joints after the poly-sand has cured? Thank you for any input & suggestions!
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    I like to use a crushed stone of similar color. Heavy enough to where it doesn't end up looking like a kitty liter box with sand everywhere. Also dont' fill it to the top of the joints to avoid that situation. Plants don't last long unless you leave 2- 2 1/2" gaps in medium trafic areas. My clients have been happy with crushed material. Pea gravel would work fine, especially considering that your customer knows what they want already. As long as the material provides drainage for the surface of the patio you should be fine.
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    Will take your ideas into consideration. Thank you for your input & response!
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    I've never used poly sand inbetween irregular flagstone--always do peastone or gravel.
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    I always suggest polysand for aesthetic and interlocking reasons, but I hired a foreman from a very large and well established competitor, who thought flagstone was ALWAYS laid with pea gravel in the grouts. I took me by several properties where he had used this application and it was the way to do by Natorp's (the large outfit). These factors lead my to believe that pea gravel is a decent grout, but I wouldn't hang my hat on it not shifting with time. I would focus on edging if I were using a grout that supplies very little friction or stability.
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    You could always do a 4" compacted base under the stone. Then use stone dust or sand for your bedding. Some will use mortar, just under the stone. This makes it quick and easy in setting the stone both level and solid.

    You can use the pea gravel. My thought is to first sweep the pea gravel then do poly sand to hold the gravel in place. It may be an issue with it getting on top of the stone and then you have to watch your step when you shouldn't have to for fear of one rolling under your feet and on your butt you go.

    If I was to put it in the joints, I'd do it so it stays there. It bugs the hell out of me to see it on top of the stone.......messy.
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    Thank You all for your input. I bid the job to include the cost of both poly-sand and pea gravel. I had to bid several jobs separately in the clients backyard. They have still not committed to the flagstone walkway. I will post some pics if they go with it. They did pick out some very attractive stone that I would love to have in my own yard. Thanks Again!

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