Flagstone walkway on sand

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by A1A Lawn Care, May 8, 2006.

  1. A1A Lawn Care

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    I have worked up an estimate for a 150sq ft walk way. Im picking up 3 tons of crusher run at $27.42. 30 cu ft of leveling sand at $178.80. 3 pallets of 2-3" of flagstone for $810.00. A couple of bags of river pebbles $15-20. Estimated 2 men 3 days at 35.00/hr = $1680. This gives us ample time for pickup and delivering material. Material is picked up and delivered by us from 25 mi away! I add 20% to all materials $1036 + 20% = $1243.00 + $1680 labor = $2923.00 total cost. How does this sound?
  2. SOMM

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    If you have an onsite staging area available, it would be well worth paying the fee for your material company to deliver it to your jobsite - rather than beating the snot out of your truck's suspension, brakes and ball joints, and paying the high cost of gas on top of it.
  3. sheshovel

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    35.00 an hour for hardscape is too cheap if you ask me..best to bid this job by the job and not the hour at $2000.00 for your labor
  4. A1A Lawn Care

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    I gave her a bid and it ended up being 3,000. I have a lot of other work lined up for her and she is a great customer that has even given me great referrals. But she said now she has a budget of 1500 because she has to get her driveway paved. Im not sure if there is other ideas that I can come up with for 1500 that she would like. She just might have to wait or something, because she doesnt want pavers, she said that she wants it to look natural. She live on the top of a mountain and that is why nobody will deliver up there and I have to do all the delivering. Im kinda inbetween a rock and a hardplace literally. She really wants to give me the business, but I am almost out of ideas.
  5. zedosix

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    Sounds a bit steep. I think you may of over estimated your construction time.
  6. wski4fun

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    sounds steep to me too. 2300-2500 sounds closer but still may be a little high. depends how much excuvation there is.
  7. Lawnworks

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    Sounds like I will underbid you! Sounds like one day of work or 20-24 man hours at whatever your man hour rate is. Nobody can really say your man hour rate is too cheap unless they are in your area.

    Sheshovel lives in CA so her rate would a great deal more than yours. Plus she is a woman and came in on a space ship from Venus. Her avatar really says it all.
  8. A1A Lawn Care

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    2500 was my final bid and they thought they could get it for 1500 and i was like no way. I also only had to get 1.5 pallets and the location of the site is on the side of a mountain in an area called "High Knob" for a reason. Thanks for your input fellas and gal!

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