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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AielLandscaping, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. AielLandscaping

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    i've seen a lot of posts on here, and made some of my own, about flaming weeds with a torch, but what i want to know is how long does it take for stuff to grow back once it's been hit with a torch? i'm going to buy a torch because i'm tired of getting hit by little peices of asphalt whenever i hit the weeds that grow in the street.
  2. wolfpacklawn

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    flaming weeds? I didn't know they had a sexual orientation.:p
  3. SLS

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    :laugh: LOL! :laugh:

    I think I saw some in Frisco once......
  4. vipermanz

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    they usually don't grow back , but this was in a rock path
  5. naturescape

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    I bought a weed-flamer about a month ago, and had no luck with it at all. Even when some of the weeds actually caught fire (you are supposed to just heat them) they did not die or even wilt. I will try it again in Spring when the weeds are younger, but am not expecting much. Anybody else have any luck with flaming?
  6. Firefighter Dave

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    I have two stories on flaming weeds....

    1 - I was in Holland about 2 weeks ago and workers were flaming the weeds on a rock shore. I had to watch because it was the really neat how those weeds just burt-up. I was working for them....

    2 - I went on a call about 2 years ago for someone burning weeds in thier flower bed. If anyone has experince in flower beds, you got it!!!! They started a fire because the plastic tarp not only melted... it caught fire and cause damage to the aluminum siding of the house.... :eek:


    :blob2: :blob2:
  7. Turfdude

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    I assume the weeds are in a parking area (asphalt) so why not spray w/ scythe or rounup first - then go back after all is dead and burn??

  8. ipm

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    You guys are kidding right? That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.

    Somebody mentioned Scythe, Glyphosate, there are some soil sterilants out :confused: You might wind up in trouble with a torch.:blob2:

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