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  1. N&CLandscaping

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    where would I go to buy flash install kits for the front and back lights of my truck? would autozone have them? I want to put them on for when im working out in the snow. Thanks
  2. RedMax Man

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    Are you talking about hidaways? these are strobe bulbs that can be installed in existing head and tail lights. Check www.sirennet.com or www.awdirect.com. I was thinking of getting hidaways but i've decided to get LED's. I've heard that hide away strobes can be annoying when out plowing snow because they tend to reflect off the white snow and have a blinding effect on the driver. LED's are not as reflective and last much longer but are still bright.
  3. N&CLandscaping

    N&CLandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks Redmax Man, I have another question... With the magnetic light bars to go on the top of your roof, how do they work, I mean where does the cord go to conect to inside the vehicle? do you have to run it through your window?
  4. Lynden-Jeff

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    I want to get a hideaway strobe kit for my ram. I think it would be good for being seen when pulled over on busy roads. Does anyone use hideaways for non towing? I don't really want to put a roof light on.

  5. The mayor

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    Careful with the magnetic light bar. I bought a old truck that has one on the roof. It is almost rusted through...the roof.;)
  6. LB1234

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    We have a magentic stobe on each truck for when we plow...not this year lol:laugh:

    Works well. Although we did get stopped by the police and they threated to right us a ticket for not having a permit for a strobe. We took it down and they let us on our way...after about a half hour stop of trying to through the book at us.
  7. DBL

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    most have a plug to go in the cig lighter but i cut all them off and har wired them to a switch so its cleaner and easier for the guys as for hideaways just in my truck and they were a pain to install
  8. RedMax Man

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    I have a magnetic mount Whelen mini edge strobe light bar on my truck. It is hard wired through a hole drilled right next to the rear roof mounted break light and then to a switch in the cab. Mine has been wired so it stays permanent but i can take it off to clean it and wash underneath it. Most magnetic mount light bars have a 12v power cord that you plug into a cig. lighter. Just run the wire through the rear sliding window or door. Those web sites that i posted have videos of most warning light so you can see what they look like and the flash patterns.
  9. Eclipse

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    Strobes are good at night but during the day they fade out as compared to a standard halogen light and especially compared to a quality LED light (some cheaper LEDs fade out in the daylight).

    Hide A Way strobes, or really any white light, will cause a good amount of flashback when in heavy snow.

    I have run magnet mount lights for years and as long as you remember to remove them and wash under them every so often you should not have much of a problem. Now I am running the poly coated magnets so it protects the roof even better.

    Check your state and local laws as that will dictate what color lights you can run on your truck. In many states if you are not a first responder, you are limited to only being allowed to running amber lights. The white Hide A Way strobes would not be acceptable. They do make colored Hide A Way strobe tubes but they color is not all that great and you lose a lot of intensity with the colored tubes.

    FWIW - I have mounted a pair of LEDs on the back of my trailer that I use when stopped on a busier road. LEDs have very minimal voltage draw so I can run them for hours and not have to worry about the truck having a dead battery.

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