Flashy flyers & doorhangers or homemade basic flyers made with publisher?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Exact Rototilling, Feb 22, 2009.

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    I have heard this mentioned before and we have seen them here on lawnsite. Flashy glossy flyers, post cards and doorhangers and such with stock pictures of lawns we have never serviced. I don't intend to be critical but the first thing I think of when I see these is the flashy stuff by the big national companies we all know. Don't take this the wrong way but I intend on using some of those for some of my services just to see what happens.

    I have to admit if I wasn't able to take care of my own lawn I would probably throw those away. I would want a more down the earth flyer. More of a home cooked meal approach. Tell me why your service or services are better than the other guys flyer that I got last week that looks very similar with the nice lawn and catchy logo on it.

    The other extreme is the ultra basic simple flyer that says Pete's Lawn care on white paper with a simple list of services.

    Also the term "Insured"..."Licensed & Insured" and finally "Licensed Bonded & Insured" may just scare off many good residential customers and make the customers think you are expensive and you have to pay the higher overhead. When I started in 2007 Rototilling my ads never said Insured or Licensed and Insured.

    In 2008 when I got insured to the hilt they did. And guess what I got significantly less calls for this service than the prior year. The ads where virtually the same except for licensed & Insured. Maybe it was the economy or the super long winter we had...?

    Any thoughts? :waving:

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    Mine are relatively simple. I made them on Microsoft Word and I had my local printer tweak it a bit and I get a pretty decent response from them. They do say Licensed and Insured on them.
  3. MarkintheGarden

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    Me too!
    I use a simple flyer that I create on my Mac, and I do not mention that I am licensed, insured, educated, etc. Like you, I did at one point, but it does not seem like my residential clientele is concerned. Commercial accounts are another matter, but the residential customers seem to be concerned with what I can do for them.
    I think you are right, people want a good reliable service provider that has his act together, but not necessarily a big successful company.
  4. greenskeeper44

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    Last year was my first year in business and we tried the simple homeade flyers. We would hand out a 1000 and get like maybe 5 calls. This summer we had a graphic designer do ours on double sided glossy uv coated paper. We handed them out early fall to pick up seeding jobs. We handed out 1500 and Im not lying we recieved 40 calls and 20 jobs out of them which is unheard of. They both had the same message. We are doing 10,000 this spring of the glossy ones.
  5. Animal

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    I put out about 100 home made flyers at local stores last year,first year back in business,I got about 10 calls,now my best investment was magnetic signs for the side of the car. I picked up several yards from people that would stop while I was mowing a yard.

    this year I just had 2 nice lawn signs made like realitors use. they cost me $74.00 for 2 of them. I put one in my front yard near the road,as I live on a busy 2 lane road. and the second one I plan to stick in the customers yard when I am mowing. the new signs now also say aeration and seeding.
    I also plan to print up some simple flyers. this year I plan to put a before and after pic of a customers lawn on the flyer so a potential customer can see my work.
  6. RGM

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    I usually make my own then go to office depot to get them printed. In the past I have used door hangers if you get a good deal I think they work good easier to put out also. As for "Licensed & Insured" I can't see how it would hurt most people want some kind of assurance on a new contractor.
  7. MeeksCo

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    I usually make them myself. Though I am not fond of walking my fat a** up and down the streets, I usually have another way of marketing.

    This year, I am doing both. I am passing my flyers out through pebbled bags and my door hangers. We'll see the outcome.

    I never put out more then 400. I always get a few responses.

    Here is a copy of my new door hanger I just made.

    It says $25 dollars because I am passing them out in a retirement community where all the lawns are cookie cutter and easy.


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  8. TXNSLighting

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    As in throwing the bags in their front yard?? If so dont be one of those people. Only scrubs do that stuff. Get out and walk to each door. Be a good business man.
  9. MeeksCo

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    A good business man doesnt walk door to door anyway. They have proper ways of marketing.
    I dont throw the bags in the yard, I drive next to the mailboxes and drop them in front of the mailbox.

    They are professional and not sloppy. The tablespoon of salt or 1/3 cup of pebbles are there to weigh down the bag .

    Believe it or not, I have received the largest return in the baggies then any other form of marketing.

    It's cheap, it's fast, and shows results.
    I can pass out 1000 bags in two hours.
    Total cost around $30.
    Return of atleast 5-15 phone calls.
  10. rnd

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