Flat bed car trailer for zero turn

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Big_truck_86, May 21, 2018.

  1. Big_truck_86

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    Just got a new zero turn with a 52" deck I want to do some side jobs with. Also have a ride on top for yards with smaller gates and also a smaller wb. In need of a trailer as I don't have one. Anyone use a flat bed car hauler? I drag race too anddo have access to that just wondering if it's "too much". Just curious if anyone is in a similar situation.
  2. LawnVeteran

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    We usually use it for the skid steer or track hoe. But occasionally have put some ZTRs on it. Just lock them down.
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  3. unkownfl

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    Most guys don't tie the equipment down each job so they like sides and the fixed ramp on the back to hold it all in. Also, it's hard to hang equipment on the side of a car trailer so you'll need to put everything in the bed or a tool box. Furthermore, you'll probably have problems stratling the open center of a car trailer if it has one with smaller mowers or you'll step off the mower and bust your own a s s falling through. Limits any debris haul away using the trailer. I dunno it may work in your situation but for a lawn biz it's a poor choice as that's why you don't see it. I would consider a tilt equipment trailer before a car hauler just because of the solid floor, but I know some car haulers have a complete floor. Still lacking sides.
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  4. Mdirrigation

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    I used a full 16 ft steel deck car trailer for over 20 years .Built mu own light weight steel ramp gates . And made removable metal sides . Moved mowers , vibratory plows , tractors , cars and trucks . Moved up to a 18 ft pj 10,000 lb .
  5. HydroFlyer

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    I’m in a similar situation. I have a flatbed car hauling trailer with a beaver tail and self storing slide-out ramps in the back. After loading/unloading my ZTR a few times I realized the importance of a single ramp gate. Didn’t want to take a chance of dumping over a new mower so I got a few price quotes from my local trailer sales stores to order or fabricate a gate ramp. One quoted $550 including fabrication and completely installed but his plan did not retain functionality of the slide-out car ramps. I went with another shop that ordered a new ramp gate from the trailer manufacturer for about $350, including lift springs, hinges and painted to match my trailer. I am now fabricating rear attachment plates and side hinge plates to allow the ramp gate to be removed to allow the slide-out car ramps to remain functional. I have a set of removable sides that mount in the side pockets. This is an extremely versatile solution for someone that doesn’t have a need for a dedicated lawn equipment trailer. I’ll post some pics once it complete.
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  6. HydroFlyer

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    06219B6C-7126-42B1-9505-306238D7C08D.jpeg C35A6393-BEDD-45BE-B8D1-42740FAAE9AB.jpeg 6C6E3D1F-8FBF-4D5A-8423-520124ADEDF6.jpeg 9F357550-6DF3-41F7-A09F-A9102618B041.jpeg 24461368-77F6-48E3-93DB-5CA00A7F5746.jpeg 59EAE69F-5EE3-45E7-9D9D-F9D81AE8AD12.jpeg I just picked up my trailer from the weld shop. I haven’t painted it yet but here are a few pics as promised. Everything works as I had planned. The gate ramp is removable, the original slide-out car ramps are still functional and are accessible even with the gate ramp still attached. I am very pleased with this setup.
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  7. Big_truck_86

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    Wow that looks really good man definitely need something like that.
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  8. wishfull

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    Looks good. Similar to two of mine only better. Big problem I have is that the wire mesh always breaks at the weld points from loading/unloading. Welder friend of mine suggested I have him weld 1"flat bar over top at all four sides to beef it up. I don't know of it will help but he seems to think so. I think you will be happy with your set up.

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