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How do you folks minimize the chance of getting flats. Does Slime really work? Can you use Fix-a-Flat on low pressure tires? Do any of you carry a tank of compressed air?


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We had this discussion before, it must not be popular everywhere.<p>My local tire wholesaler fills the tires with an expanding rubberized foam that is totally and completely flat-proof. You could drill out the tire side and it would make no difference.<p>It makes the tires heavy (which is good in many cases) and can slightly comprimise ride if you like your tires on the soft side, but it radically increases tire life.


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the 2 drive tires on my gravely walkbehind both has slow leals that year. if i filled the tires theyd be flat by the next day. i didnt have the time to change them so just for the hell of it i bought a can of prestone tire fix. that stuffs incredable! 6 months later the tires are still holding the same air!


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EVAN528 is right. Prestone tire fix does the trick. I tried Slime, but it didn't do it. I used to have to carry an air tank, but not anymore.


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The tyres on my Kubota really piss me off.<br>Who was the moron who thought to put tubeless<br>tyre on a ride-on?We have tubes in them now<br>and they are a lot better.On the tractor<br>I run 10 ply Firestones and they are good.<br>Some guys run steel armoured or Kevlar lined<br>tyres on their tractors.

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