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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by big james, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. big james

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    o.k. guys ,what is the best stuff to put in the front caster tires to stop up pin hole leaks , no fix -a -flat please .:angel:
  2. richard coffman

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    Mmmm, Here in Utah, you'll find this stuff that looks green that's called Slime. you can find it at most tire dealerships and bike repair shops. we've used it in all our lawn care equipment tires and trucks. check it out and ask for a demo. from what I've seen, it doesn't styick to your rims and cause problems that the fix a flat does. :D

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  3. plow kid

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    We usualy tube front casters and put some flat blocker from www.gemplers.com in the tube it'self , Also in a truck tire the good stuff will patch a 1/2" puncture ~NaTe
  4. joshua

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    nothing better than running over a nail in green luchious grass and picking up a nail. i kept the nail in for 3 weeks because it was fall and had no time to get the tire fixed. it served it's purpose. slime does work good, a friend of mine is a mechanic and uses it all the time with no problems.
  5. Berryman TIRE SEAL-R

    Get it at Tractor Supply (TSC) for $20/gal.

    The best thing is those polyurethane tires.

    You can find them at J. Thomas and other places.

  6. MOW ED

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    Don't screw around with the sealants go to a tire supplier and have them filled with foam.

    The foam will NEVER get a flat and you could pound a nial in the tire and still run. I had constant problems with the bead breaking off the frontr casters until I foamed them. It cost 25 bucks a tire but well worth it.
  7. Slime

    I used to use foam filled and had to many problems.
  8. edward hedrick

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    Green Slime, a tire dealer here sold a sealer looked like Pepto
    Bismol. Worked well
  9. MOW ED

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    I am curious as to what problems you had with foam filled tires. I don't have my drive tires filled with them because I know that they would be very heavy but I can't even imagine the downtime if my front casters weren't foamed.

    Walker even makes a foam type of solid caster tire for the decks.

    Just wondering what problems you have run into as I have had none.
  10. awm

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    best thing imho is a plug,then uer done w it. takes about five min.
    later now. :) yea im slowin up in my older yrs.

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