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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by topsites, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    I think it was the tire valve started leaking...
    I didn't notice it until after the tire was already flat, so this 100-dollar tire is ruined (well unless they tell me I can still drive it, but ...you'll see lol)...

    Still, this 100-dollar heavy load rated tire has been one of the best I ever bought, the sidewall is so stiff that all I needed was a few psi of air and I made it all the way home. It literally rode on its sidewall as if it still had pressure in it, I was amazed, almost like those run flat tires, I loved it, I will never buy a lesser tire. The sidewall took a beating, but the tire never disintegrated, it still holds air but I hate to try and put some pressure in it (again, you'll see why lol).

    Come monday, I'm getting them to put two new of the same back on, then I get a spare rim and get the one good tire mounted on that and also onto the trailer as a spare.

    Here's the pics:
  2. Scag48

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    You're lucky, good thing you didn't have a lot of weight on it otherwise it would have blown. Always buy good tires, that's my philosophy. With so much riding on them, why would you want to settle for less? This story proves it, I'm sure the quality of these tires saved a headache or two.

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm sorry but if you paid $100 for that tire, I think you got ripped. Always put good tires on the truck, especially the rears. On my trailer I always use standard 15" lite truck/car tires rated @1650 gvw. Double axle trailer. Unless you carry 10,000+lbs EVERY DAY, save yourself some money. Go to the boneyard or swap meet and find a rim that lines up,pop on a $5 used tire, and your good. I've done what you did to my tires several times. Don't mean to brag. What's the value of the tire compared to the tow fee or the down time.
  4. DLCS

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    What happens when you have a blowout and cause a accident. DOT starts looking at your trailer and finds that you are not running the correct rated tires. What good is a heavy duty trailer with light duty tires.:hammerhead:
  5. JCP Crafts

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    Turflord...I think your playing but I'm gonna say it anyway... I think we can all agree on the fact that overthe road truckers do not put ther best tires on the back of anything....they always mount the new tires to the front so you can steer with out running off the road.
    Like I said I think your just messing around but remember there are a lot of kids on here and that is just plain bad advice to put your best tires on the back.I know that you are trying to say it's for traction but that is only good off road and not in rain or snow on pavement.At 55 mph you better have some traction and if there has to be a bald tire I would hope it would be a back tire.Stay safe.
    Plus...there right DOT will eat up in fines if you get pulled over with them LT rated tires on that trailer and that is without an accident as well......If you wanna live dangerous and unsafe to save a couple bucks so be it but don't pass out advice that you know is against the law....
  6. JCP Crafts

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    :weightlifter: and Topsite...we all...well some of us ....know why you have no rim damage with a flat tire.....you may talk about being cheap often...but you definately saved a rim by only loosing a tire.:dancing:
  7. Tharrell

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    I had the same thing happen to me. I didn't know the tire was going flat and I was going up a long incline so the truck slowing didn't seem unusual until I crested the incline. Same problem here, valve stem on an otherwise perfect tire.
    I think I know how it happened too. I was unloading several trailerloads of brush and tried to get too close to the existing brush every time I brought a new load in. Both valve stems were tweaked upon inspection.
    I had a spare with me when it happened and my new trailer that I should pick up this week will have a spare also.
  8. bigjeeping

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    I agree that you need GOOD tires on your trailer. I just dropped $150 on two new trailer tires and you can tell the difference immeadiatly between a standard tire and a good one! What if your tires blow out b/c they're not the correct load-rating? What if your trailer tires loose traction on a wet road while you're going around a bend and the trailer whacks a car? C'mon don't tell me it's ok to put shitty tires on a trailer that is carring 2+ tons of equipment. It's NOT ok.
  9. Scag48

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    Tires really make a big difference. Before I sold my mowing outfit, I replaced both tires on my single axle maintenance trailer. What a difference it made, I was really surprised at how much better the trailer followed the truck.
  10. Keith

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    topsites, if it makes you feel better, I lost two right-side tires on Friday. A piece of road debris ripped the sidewalls. I rarely get more than a year before crap in the road finishes them off. But there's no telling how many repairs have to be made in that year. One of those had no fewer than 12 repairs on it. I just came in and saw three of four of my 10-ply truck tires have fresh road shrapnel in them.

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