Flatbed with removable dovetail

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ShadyTree, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I have one at the powder coaters right now. I pick it up Saturday. It was built in NC. It is on a dumping flatbed. It requires two bolts to be removed and it has built in legs for it to "stand" on when it is not attached to the truck. Pictures to follow!
  2. ShadyTree

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    Looking forward to seeing these pictures! What was the company that built yours? Also can you give us details like size of the bed, the tail, the ramp and the cost to have this installed.
  3. Woodman1

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    I bought a 4dr 4500 Dodge cab and Chasis. My plan is for this truck to be VERY versitile. I put a 9 1/2 foot dumping flatbed on it with recessed stake pockets. The removable dovetail was an after thought. I have a dedicated maintenance truck with a dovetail and I have access to several dedicated dump trucks of varying sizes and I have a dump trailer. I needed something with a little more rear end than my 2500 to pull my big equipment trailer, but I wanted the capability of putting a leaf box on it or whatever else I may need it for.
    We toyed with several different lengths for the dovetail. I hate to say it, but I haven't even seen it since the production of the dovetail started so I don't know the exact dimensions yet. Spann Metal in Lenior NC (4 hours away) is doing the fab work. They have done a few that I have seen pictures of ... SOOO - we will see Saturday.
  4. Woodman1

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    I picked it up this morning. The dovetail is detachable. I will have pics of it detached tomorrow.
    I have a million ideas for it, so we will see what the future holds , but here is what it looks like for the moment:




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    Looks good Woodman! :drinkup:
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    Thank you Sir!
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    If anyone around Hickory NC is looking for a GREAT truck - I traded in a 2006 Dodge 2500 quad cab long bed with 42000 miles on it for my new truck. The 2500 has been in a building since the night I bought it in 2007. It is practically BRAND new!
    It is at Steve White Motors.
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    Is there any way to make the pictures larger?

  9. Woodman1

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    Hey man, I KNOW there is. I have never posted any pics before. I have been reading all morning on what and how to do pics on here. I will get some better ones up as soon as I get back home.
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    Check out the Switch-N-Go system http://switchngo.com We have been using these for over 6 years and would never consider any other again. One truck many different bodies. If they don't have a body for you they can make it or find someone who can. There are so many added benefits of having a bed that you can lower down to ground level and/or switch out in a matter of minutes. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

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