FLATLANDER RULES!!!!(sometimes)


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I put my new dixie chopper flatlander 60" in the field for the first time today. Believe me when I say I am no longer a skeptic! There is no mower currently produced by any other manufacturer that will mow at the speeds this unit will. If the grounds were smooth enough it really is possible to do a credible mowing job at fifteen miles per hour. Most applications obviously won't allow such speeds, but once in a while(WOW) just like having your first hot rod! I'm pumped up. I've been in this business for over forteen years, have tried Bobcat, Bunton, Jacobsen, Scag, Exmark, and Grasshopper. All these machines have their merits. Most all have an advantage over the flatlander on side hills(turf boss 2 tires suck), but put me out in the open and I'll out mow any other 60", and most 72" machines on the market. No longer a skeptic, now a believer. I know I sound like a commercial, but you've got to experience a chopper to believe what they can do. MHO, Lynn


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What a plug for the choppers! My 50&quot; is fast as greased....... pig stuff....... I wouldn't have a problem &quot;lining&quot; her up with anything on the market. I was always a skeptic before I bought my first on, they won't cut grass at 10-15 mph...........I found out just like you that they can and will........best investment I ever made!<p>Homer


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I am glad to here those comments. I have 2 xw2200's and have loved them. I am waiting for my new flatlander to arrive now.


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One more thing, turn your hat backwards and don't smile too big, those bugs don't taste that good!<p>Homer


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How cool it is that lawnsite is still going strong, thank you Sean

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