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  1. Green Elegance

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    I am building a website and I am very new to the business, as far as pricing goes. I was formerly just doing it for extra money on weekends, but it has gotten a bit overwhelming for me.

    I am wondering what to price flats at for residential customers.

    I was thinking $25-35/flat provided I use my own soil and fertilizer, Is this realistic, or too much?

    I am speaking of a 18plant flat . Also is there larger flats, and if so, how should I price those?

    What size plants are in flats?

    thanks to everyone,
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    I charge 45/flat installed. This includes flipping the dirt in existing flowerbeds, fert, and possibly adding a little dirt. I have a 3 flat minimum.
  3. ed2hess

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    In our area it is $25/flat and we provide fertilize and any spraying for bugs and diseases. The plants cost us $9/20. We don't make any money off of flowers but they are required at most of our commericial properties. And, the price is set by TG in our area so if you want to compete you have to consider meeting their price.

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