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    While Dad was away on vacation, I had to come in and take care of some business stuff this past Saturday. It gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of the company trucks and equipment. Littlepage Landscaping is my Dad's business located in San Clemente California and was established in 1978. Maintenance is focused on upper middle class and upper class houses, where 21 inch mowers are more then suitable. Residential landscaping is the other part of the business.

    Here are some pics: the yard, Dad's personal 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Hemi, 2005 Chevy 2500 maintenance truck, 1991 Toyota 1 ton stakebed split dump maintenance truck, 1997 Ford F250 maintenance truck. All of the maintenance trucks are dumps.


    Dad's truck.JPG

    route A-2.JPG

    Route B-2.JPG

  2. Landscapers_Son

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    Here are some more pics of trucks and equipment.


    Landscape truck.JPG


    Mowers and stuff.JPG

    Mowers 3.JPG
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    A few more pics of equipment and trucks and full inventory.

    The full inventory of trucks:

    2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Hemi
    2005 Chevy 2500 dump
    1999 Chevy 3500 with irrigation bed
    1997 Ford F250 7 lug dump
    1984 Ford C600 16 ft dump truck
    1987 Toyota 1 ton stake bed split dump
    1991 Toyota 1 ton stake bed split dump

    The full inventory of equipment includes:

    3 Exmark metro 21 inch BBC mowers
    2 Snapper 21 inch mowers
    1 Snapper 36 inch walk behind
    3 Shindawa T250 line trimmers
    3 Echo PB-211 (California versions of PB-210E)
    1 Red Max backpack blower
    2 Kato Vacmaster yard vacuums
    1 Maxim front tine tiller
    2 Poulan Chainsaws
    1 Stihl 009 chainsaw
    1 Tru-Cut reel mower
    1 Original Trimmer reel mower

    Snapper walk behind.JPG


    chevy and 87 yota.JPG
  4. ALarsh

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    All those trucks and 6 mowers? Mostly landscaping?
  5. FearThisDeere

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    I like the race car in the first pic. What is it and where do you run it? I also like the old dump truck.:clapping:
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    ALarsh-- Most of the clients don't have large yards so the 21 inch mowers suffice. Each crew has 2 or 3 workers depending on the route for the week and only need one mower for each property usually. While one mows, the other is trimming, pulling weeds, line trimming, or cleaning. With about 120 customers, it works out pretty well. Plus lawn sizes in California are much smaller then the rest of the country.

    FearThisDeere-- The racecar is my uncle's. My Dad lets him store it in the yard since my uncles mechanic shop is just right up the street. In return my uncle works on all the trucks in the fleet. Its a 1976 Camaro, and we run at Barona Speedway a 1/4 mile clay oval in eastern San Diego County. The dump truck is a classic, but a little underpowered with only a 370 V8. It gets the job done though.
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    How big is the shop? Have any pictures from recent jobs?
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    Landscapers Son,

    Welcome to Lawnsite and thanks for sharing the pictures.:)
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    Looks like a nice business you guys have.I like the private yard and shop that you don't have to share with anyone.Where my shop is there are about 15 different renters.
  10. Landscapers_Son

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    For the shop, I don't really know square footage, but its a better set up then what my dad had 12 years ago with shipping containers to store equipment and an office trailer. I'll include some office pictures that are also in the building. I also don't have any recent pictures of any jobs although I could ask my Dad to take some once he's home and goes back to work.


    main office.JPG

    extra office.JPG

    dad's office.JPG

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