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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawn Simplicity LLC, Feb 6, 2007.

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    For those of us that are small & would like to have a "FUEL ONLY" card. I have been searching and found one. GoGasFleet.com I mailed all my stuff out the other day. They don't require a monthly minimum nor do they have a minimum on vehicles. They have a $5.00 monthly fee or a .25 cent transaction fee. You choose the way you want it set up. You get the nice little monthly fuel expenditure report and all. No more haggling with receipts. Also, the card is through Voyager & the GoGas card is accepted just about everywhere there is a pump. Hope this helps someone.
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    we use wright express cards. i think its a few dollars a month per card, but well worth it...
  3. topsites

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    I like first the convenience of automated mpg tracking, man that saves me a headache.

    Second, I like how the fuel I get in January isn't due until February, at which time I pay with my credit card and the final bill isn't due until March...
    So, I get to float several hundred dollars every month, and it floats for about 45 days or so.

    I enjoy the fact that our pumps only have the gallon meter, so there's no dollar signs distracting from the process: I fill up, whether it's already up to 50 or 150 dollars, since I don't see it, this helps keep me from playing silly dollar-figure matching games with the fuel dispenser.

    It doesn't really matter that much to me, but I do feel a light appreciation for never having to pull into a public service station as well.

    I find the lack of a restroom or a porta potty bothersome.
    As for the fuel's quality, it's awwrite, but it could be better as well.

    Even thou the pros appear to outweigh the cons, it is these last two reasons why I will likely switch back to BP / Texaco, and use the Fleet fuelers only when I need to track mpg.

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