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Fleet Maintenance


LawnSite Member
Ashland, MA
Does anyone have suggestions or ideas for managing fleet maintenance. We have five trucks in our fleet and it always seems as though one is being rotated out for maintenance or repairs. That being said, I need a system to keep track of it all. I know there is software available, however, it is costly. Furthermore, I'm not sure that I would be able to reap all the benefits of such software with only five trucks. Any suggestions would be apprecaited.


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Just do all of your maintenance at the same time so you know that all of them are due at the same time.


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In order to make a maintenance program work, you have to make your drivers write milage down in a log that someone will enter in. That's if ytou want a science to be made from it. You could take milage readings at certain points of the month to find out how many each rig drives, then set a date close to the mark you want to change oil and grease, then down the truck and execute the plan.


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I worked for a leasing company years ago, They had a chalk board hanging on the office wall. It had lines across it and up top had unit number, type of unit, Date last serviced, Mileage last serviced, Mileage for next service and drivers name.
A sticker with the next service mileage written in marker was put on the door edge for quick reference. All units were serviced at different times not to have all down at the same time. All other repairs for each unit were kept in file envelopes (parts receipts) and on the inside of each envelope was the date such work was performed and a brief discription what was done. It also helped in the resale to have all service records handy.

Maybe this will help.