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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by xxwd5000, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. xxwd5000

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    I was wondering if i but a flex deck on my dc xwd2600 if the flex deck will also stripe like the machine does now without it ? also those of you running a flex deck on your dc what do you think of it ? seems like too much money when i can but one on my jd for $800.00 !
  2. captdevo

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    well worth the $1500!

    where are you?
  3. weve

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    I have a DC XWD2600-60 with Flex-Deck. I've used it about 175 hours out of 330 on the mower this year. I've found it to be better for trimming than for flat out mowing, expecially in times of heavy growth. On my jobs of two acres and up, I usually do all of the trimming first and then remove it to mow the open areas. It doesn't have the capacity to discharge clipping as well as the main deck. Heavy wet grass can plug the discharge area. When I mow open areas with the Flex-Deck (down and back), I doublecut the Flex-Deck area. Striping is different with it than without it. I have a couple jobs where I no longer use a trim mower because of the Flex-Deck. It's great for mowing under trees or between tombstones or over the edge of ditch banks. You have to decide for yourself if it's worth the money and can save you time. For leaf mulching this fall, I will take both the Flex-Deck and mounting fixture off. This winter I will compare with last year to see how much time it really has saved.

  4. hagen

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    let us know when you find out how much time it saved you

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