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    I know the flex deck is innovative, and I could really see it being useful to add some size to a mower otherwise used just for small or gated areas. But it's still a little rough around the edges in terms of support and installation for my tastes. Maybe when they develop a bolt on version under license from a mower manufacturer....but not now. It's also a little pricey for what is basically a 18" mower deck. Whole wb mowers with engines, more wheels, frames, transmissions, and bigger decks cost only about $600 more than an installed flex deck. Perhaps as they sell more the price will come down.

    Does anyone know of any other systems in the pipeline that do similar things but are easier to install, or come as part of the unit? It's a great idea, just needs to be polished up. Retrofitting existing units is a daunting engineering task. They seem to have done it, but I dont' want my mower decks cut and welded on and a proper cut quality relying on it being installed perfectly.

    I know about the Great Dane and Hustler designs. I want something where I can remove the unit and mow with a "32 to 36" deck and add it when I need a wider cut. Not just a big deck to get through small gates. Some small back yards require a finer touch than a 52" deck provides.
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    Brucec32 - You have hit the nail on the head - It takes a lot of engineering to retrofit a lot of different decks. Different pulleys, different belt sizes etc. etc. etc. - And I can see your concern with price for the width - The first digital calculator cost $785 in 1976, and now they are $9 at Truevalue. We are small, just starting.
    The Flex-Deck even at MSRP of $1495 will pay for itself in 4 weeks at 40 hrs. per week mowing.

    Understand your concern with cutting and welding - On decks that are round on the trimming side - ie. Dixie Chopper, Hustler, Wright standers and others - Where the deck skirt hugs the blade to the 10:30 oclock position, there is no cutting - just slide into position and weld, or bolt if you want to - just drill the holes and buy the bolts.

    We recommend welding, because it has proven to be reliable, and with the Flex-Deck being the main trimming part of the machine, and being offset, it is the one that hits everything, and is mowing all the rocks along the roads, and stuck under all the pine trees, and taking all the basic abuse. Therefore we feel welding is worth the effort.

    I appreciate your concern with the price, but it pays for itself in 4 weeks if you mow 40 hrs. per wk. That is at MSRP $1495 - We sell direct for $1299 (Model 2102) and $999 (Model 2199) - shipping included.

    I am independently employed in a small town, and do not have a large dealer network, but am picking up a dealer here and there, and am slowly getting a good start - email me at
    flex-dek@mepotelco.net if I can be of any assistance.

    Thanks, Brad
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    Brucec32 - By the way - our Flex-Deck comes off in 30 seconds and the bracket is inset far enought that it is not in the way to mow with just the regular deck. [​IMG]

    36x-ft. view-bracket only.jpg
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    Howard Price Turf Equipment.

    Just saw the add in Turf Mag. Page B12.
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    Howard Price has had that one out for a while I beleive. Lastec also makes a ZTR quite similar to the Howard Price Blazer with the wing deck. They would not have the same action as a Flex Deck because the FD is offset forward which does give it a sideways action when turning that you don't get with the others. As Brad says, it is hard to explain but it does. Also the FD comes off quick and easy.
    bruce32, understand FD isn't a old company, Rome wasn't built overnite!

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