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    Since we are getting tons of inquiries on Flex Forks I thought I would start a thread with the part #s and the models they go on.
    Feel free to talk about Flex Forks in this thread, your experiences and even post some pics of them if you like.
    Mini FasTrak / FasTrak Flex Forks part # 799288 MSRP $199.00

    Mini Z / Super Mini Z (including the 36/42) Flex Forks part # 600213 MSRP $199.00

    Hustler Z / Super Z Flex Forks part # 799270 MSRP $199.00

    Diesel Super Z Flex Forks part # 600890 MSRP $199.00

    The above pricing is for a pair of Flex Forks
    The Flex Forks do not come with tires / rims / bearings or hardware, you re-use your current items.
    We do not recommend use of Flex Forks with catching systems.
    Above pricing is MSRP, pricing may vary from dealer to dealer and region to region due to shipping costs to the dealer, these come packaged in a single box and a pair weighs anywhere from 40 to 55 pounds depending on the model.
    There is no trade in, return or exchange policy on your old forks.
    Flex Forks do not come installed on mowers from the factory, this is a dealer or end user installed option only.
    These are the only models of Flex Forks available at this time.
    The Flex Forks listed for each model series will work on any model in that series no matter how old the mower is.

    Hope this helps.

  2. amtrucker22

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    We purchased flex forks about 2 months ago... OMG we should have gotten these sooner. I use to feel like I got out of a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr. Great invention!!!

  3. timmac

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    I ordered mine. Can't wait to see if they make a difference.
  4. recliner5

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    I go tomorrow to get flex forks, I hope this was not waste of $225.00. I will let you know what how they are.
    Thanks Terp
  5. Daniels

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    Ok do the flex forks wear out, Like a shock and need to be replaced over time ?
  6. recliner5

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    Hey these Flex Forks are the berries. just like riding in a Cadillac. I made the right move for a change. I don't know if you have to replace after awhile. I also have the suspension seat. Yes I like them. Thanks Terp
  7. puppypaws

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    It is the same rubber that is used on tractor trailer suspensions for hundreds of thousands of miles I doubt seriously the mower will last as long as the rubber in the flex forks. There is really not anything to wear out it is rubber that coils tight and then relaxes as the wheel goes back to normal position. This is a wonderful design and the person that formulated the rubber that is used was a genius.
  8. jimceez

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    Just became a member of the Hustler family with a FasTrak. Great machine and cut!

    I ordered the Flex forks but the dealer said they were backordered with no date given when to expect them. Can you give me an idea of the time of the backlog.

    Two other things, it seems there a soot all over it when I used it for the first time - is that normal? It pulls to the right (I guess the hydros are off a touch) - how long should I wait to have the dealer adjust.

  9. recliner5

    recliner5 LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    These flex forks are the berries. Ride like a Cadillac. As far as replacing i don't know. You won't go wrong by getting a pair. thanks Terp
  10. jsf343

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    Inoticed something about not being able to use them if you have a bagging sytem, why? I am looking for as soft as a ride as possible and from what I can see it seems like these are the way to go-unless you bag?

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