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    What would be the reason for not using the Sauer Danfoss DDC-20 pumps? Would this be for the reason of reaching the homeowners that may not put 100 hrs. per yr on a mower, and being able to sell at a cheaper price, is this the case, and if not what would be the reasoning?
  2. hustlermidwest

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    Put up with me a bit, this may sound bias but factual. Our unit with the slipper piston pumps and the new cooling system with the hot oil shuttle had no competition. When you are dealing with bids we had no other apple to compare it to. There was not a machine out there that had all the bells and whistles the 2012 Super Z had.Even though the machine exceeded all bid spec, the bean counters would choose the machine. By making a model with the 21cc Hydro-gear pumps and a couple of other minor changes we now have a more competitive unit price wise on the market. The 2013 Super Z HD is everything the 2012 was plus some comfort.
    Get yourself out of Mayberry and see it at GIE/EXPO. Aunt Bea would enjoy the trip!:)

    Brian O
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    What has been done to increase the comfort of 2013 Super Z?
  4. hustlermidwest

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    sorry puppypaws I thought Tharrell asked the question and he has aka mayberry on his location.
    Something very simple that makes a world of a difference. In the line of our old flex seat plus more. Nothing earth moving but it sure smooths the ride. You would be able to upgrade a 2012 Super Z with this comfort if you wanted.
    I'll send you a spec sheet next week when I get one.

    Brian O
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    I would love to know more about the comfort upgrade too! Please tell me its cheap!
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    Trust me, I've been around the world.
    That's why I settled in Mayberry.
    Very little B.S.here.
    I would love to attend the show but, you gotta bring it here!

    Getting back to the HD thing.
    As I understand it, you're creating a model between the X-One and Super Z and, I already have an HD model pretty much?
    I'm happy with my Super Z the way it is, matter of fact I can't stand getting off and doing the other stuff like trimming now.
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more though, especially that 104" monster.
  7. hustlermidwest

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    You are correct, your Super Z with the HyperDrive is very similar to the 2013 model. The 2013 Hustler Super Z is a model between the X1 and your unit. We are also showing a X-One i that fits between our X-ONE and Super Duty Fastrak. Using a Parker integrated drive system. I saw photo's of the 104 on another Lawnsite thread. That thing will make a lot of tall grass short real fast. And before you guys start, it doesn't go 15mph. Hustler uses hi-torque wheel motors because of the weight. Similar drive system that is being used on our 2013 ATZ unit. More info on all the models should come out during GIE/EXPO.

    Brian O

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