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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by matt10486, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. matt10486

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    anyone that has a newer f250 with the flex fuel option, anyone try the E85 in it yet? Pros and cons?

  2. CL&T

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    Just posted on exactly this on an F150 forum. Short story is ethanol in gasoline is a government feel good mandate and automakers and other manufacturers of gasoline powered equipment have to figure out a way to make their products work with it. E10 is damaging to small engines especially if you don't use the equipment regularly. Flex fuel vehicles can use E85 which is 85% ethanol/15% gasoline. You do not get the same mileage from gasoline with ethanol as from ethanol free gas. There have been reports of major engine damage and it is recommended that if you run E85 you change the oil much more frequently. I'm told that since '09 when I bought my truck that Ford cautions in the owner's manual against always using E85, not to use it at low temperatures and to run a tank of regular gas after an oil change. So what does that tell you about E85? I wouldn't use it.
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  3. matt10486

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    Thanks for the reply. I wasn't to keen on usuing it myself.
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  4. rlitman

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    Also, the savings just aren't there. While the E85 is cheaper per gallon, your MPG drops a lot (because ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline), so you will probably end up paying more per mile on E85.

    The good news though, is that if you have a FlexFuel vehicle, it's fuel lines are not going to be harmed by the regular E10 at the pump, so it will handle the ethanol in regular gas better than a vehicle not designed for FlexFuel.

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