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    Does EXMARK offer the flex deck for the 60"deck ? if not should a person install one would it void the warranty on the unit?

    Thanks R. Eckley
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    Thanks for the post. The Flex-Deck is not an Exmark product and is sold through the their dealers. Also I believer our official statement goes something like this “We have not tested this product and can't tell you much about it. Additionally we really can't endorse it either and as you'll see in our operators manual use only Exmark approved attachments”.

    While I believe the Lawn Godfather may have posted a pic of his TT with a flex deck I don't know if this is a modification of a standard model of it was made specifically for the TT. You'll need to contact Flex Deck for more information on those issues.

    Will it void the warranty. NO, it won't. That does mean that if you have an unusual failure we'll need to apply a little logic and common sense. We're generally pretty flexible in the area of warranty but if you have 4 spindle failures on that side of the deck along with cracking or something equally strange I'm fairly confident we won't cover it under warranty.

    Just a little extra food for thought. I would recommend removing this type of attachment when not in use. While it may not seam like much the added weight may be detrimental if it is constantly on the machine. It's no different than never emptying your grass catcher. All that added weight will make a difference in something some day. The only question is how long and when. The other recommendation I would have is to not trailer the mower with any substantial added weight on the machine. All the bouncing on your trailer is probably the biggest source of damage to any lawnmower. The added weight may compound that.

    Keep in mind this is just speculation.



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