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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by grandview (2006), Sep 28, 2012.

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    I tried printing out my own postcards and I just felt they were cheap. that's a good idea though giving a quote on the spot. I also feel when you yourself pass them out it is also cheap. just my 2 cents. defiantly beats the price of professional postcards and direct mailing though. you put them on the mailbox with a rubberband?
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    Just stick them in between the flag,paper box,crack in the post.
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    I'm doing the exact same thing for winter cleanups and pansies planted. I hope to sell some service now and hopefully get long term customers for next season. I'm a teacher and this is my part time gig. (Texas-it's still pretty warm here). It is illegal to touch mailboxes so I was planning on putting my postcards on the front door w a small piece of tape. What you think? Any advice?
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    To get more attention...you can try various methods to make your firm stand out, and to convince the customer to keep your info around for a few days, (at least not discard it immediately). What about a gardening calender--even better--with best planting and pruning dates for your city? Add a plastic bag with a half ounce of seed. Add a tulip or hyacinth bulb. Better still, gladiola with planting instructions, because then they have to keep both around till next spring.

    What about a 13 month calender? Starts in December so you can put it up right away...14 month is even better. Include gardening advice for your climate, (best local planting dates for flowers, tomatoes, and grass seed). If you can, include a coupon for something. A free daffidill bulb at a garden store or department. If you do it right--the store will give away the bulb, because they know, once the customer is inside the store she will usually buy lots more. They appreciate the increased store customer traffic.
    Perhaps a coupon for a free blade sharpening. Mower shop benefits from increased traffic during a slow time for them.
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    Now you're talking! Very cool ideas. I was thinking of a small newsletter w similar into but a calendar would have the staying power. Now I have some homework...
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