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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigcountry01, Jan 18, 2007.

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    im looking at getting some fliers or postcards made up this year that look a little more professional(color,graphics,etc). ive always done them myself in the past. just curious how much you guys pay to have this done. im looking at doing somewhere between 2 and 3 thousand. i will be delivering them myself.also do you know of any nationwide business that will do this? i think maybe office max does, they did my business cards and signs for the truck,maybe kinko's? thanks for any help guys!
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    Designs can run from $50-150 per layout + printing + postage + mailing list + address printing. Overall, it is the cheapest effective form of advertising though. Budget $1100 to mail out 2000 from scratch, but you'll probably spend a little less. This will leave you with 3000 extra postcards (will require more postage). If you order under 5000 you will pay a larger printing fee.

    We have used http://www.gotprint.net with good results and have I am picking an order up from http://www.hotcards.com today. I will post the quality when I get them. Good luck with your efforts. PM me if you need any further info.
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    Vistaprint .com

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