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Hey guys,
I would like to get some feedback on placing advertisement flyers in the local paper. It would cost me about $700.00
to have approx 11,000 flyers distributed to home owners only. This seems like a great way to advertise, but would certainly value any of your feedback on this idea. Also, wanted to say that I certainly have been learning a lot from reading the posts here at Lawnsite.


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You would be in trouble if 10% of those responded! That's a lot of money but it sure would get the word out pretty quick. Better have somebody manning the phone full time too.


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I don't know about that, Homers right stay by the phone and hope that even 8% respond. My first yr i did not even do fliers. I knew several people who done business with me when i managed a business for 18yrs. But i did place business cards all around and got a few jobs from that. Most of my jobs have come from my first 25clients by word of mouth and by doing a really good job. I think it would be much cheaper to have the fliers printed and disribute them where you can focus on new subdivisons,and commercial locations. But your idea might be the best out there. Forsure you won't know till you try. You do the best job you can and you will get all the work you want. I never leave a site untill im 100% sure it looks great. I even sometimes drive by the work ive done just to see what a great job Ive done for my customer. Marks Mowing Service


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You might not target the people you would like to,even though the flyers will be on residential paper routes.The flyers will just be stuffed in the papers which means trailer parks,townhouses,low-income homes etc,.will receive the flyer then again there is 11,000 of them......


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you'd probably be lucky to have 1% feedback, and some of those that do respond are just looking for a deal. I had plastic signs (election type) made and asked some of my commercial (hi traffic area) properties if i may post these. I've had good response from that with less cost. Also, my enclosed trailer is a rolling billboard. If there is a local trade show going on, i just park it nearby (even the mall parking lot) you'd be amazed. Also, i approached a local golf cour$e and placed fliers in their lobby and members news letters and had very good response (rather be golfin')
Just a few suggestions!!


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I think that the paper is too broad of a market. You will get calls from a bunch of tire kickers who will just be looking for price. Then they will do the same thing to you next year. We like to advertixe where we can control the target audience

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I say GO FOR IT!
If you are looking to expand your business and double your clientele do it.

Get yourself a cell phone with voice message. Take all the calls you can. Schedule all the jobs you can handle.

Work Wed-Sat and do estimates on monday and tuesday.

Screen them on the phone of what services they want etc.
This will give you a chance to weed out all the dead beat customers.

Build up your customer base. The way you want it to be. Make all the money you can while it's day. I would rather have too much business than not enough.

Remember, do what you can handle but GO FOR IT!
It's best to do residential site visits on Saturday when most folks are home. Plus you will sometimes get folks walking up to your truck looking for estimates when you are parked in the hood.

You might what to give this schedule a try.

Mon thru Thrsday have work scheduled.

Friday is a make up day do to rain.

Give estimates all day Saturday. Only give estimates (residential)on Saturday.

Sunday morning work the estimates and mail them to the prospects as early as possible in the day.

Sunday afternoon wash, PM the equipment, truck and set up for work on Monday.

Sharpen your blades, scrape decks, and blow off equipment, CHECK OIL,then fuel up every morning first thing.
This gives the dew more time to burn off the turf and
nobody wants to go and scape decks at night after working all day.


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When the calls come in, if you snooze you lose.

When people call and want you to come out to give an estimate, find out the all the pertinent information to
help you decide if you are even interested in what they want you to do. If it sounds worthy, I suggest scheduling your estimate as soon as you can. (Don't think you have to go after EVERY SINGLE CALL.)

If they call on a Monday, I don't think it is good idea to wait until Saturday to give them an estimate. Most people are impatient. When they call, if you aren't able to get out and give them an estimate before 5 or 6 days, they might be inclined to call someone else.

Incorporate your estimates into your daily work run. Either first thing in the morning, or in the early evening after you finish your last job.



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In our first season of business we placed fliers in a local community newspaper, free to all who receive mail. We put out 10,000, and the newspaper co. told us they get an average of 2% response. We receieved almost exactly 2%, and that was plenty of work for our 2-man crew. For the first day especially plan on answering the phone all day long. A second man giving estimates as the calls come in is a HUGE help. Keeps you ahead of the game as spring mowing is non stop. Good Luck.

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