Fliers or Form Letters?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BrandonH, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. BrandonH

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    This is the first year that I am trying to go full time and it's just not working out for me so far. I was very limited at the beginning of the year with my advertising budget, so I decided to put out 1200 fliers on doors. Well the results were horrible to say the least. There are some neighborhoods that I still would like to target, and although it is getting pretty late in the game for advertising I am in desperate need of work.

    I am still limited as far as budget goes since I have very little money coming in right now. What I was thinking about doing was mailing letters to a certain target area. I can access names and addresses online via the appraisal district website and mail them myself. I know that bulk mail is cheaper for large scale mailing, but I don't have the funds to do that at this time. I was thinking about mailing out either fliers or form letters, but not sure which would recieve a better repsonse. I'm thinking I can afford to send out about 200 or so right now(I know that's not many, but it's better than nothing). With me doing it all I can be very specific on my target audience and maybe have decent results with the small volume. Hopefully I would be able to send out more in the next few weeks as well.

    As far as the letters go I thought something along the lines of introducing myself and giving a brief desciption of my services. On the other hand I could print up fliers and just send them out. Any input is appreciated.

  2. cwb20

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    your better off using your money to put out the fliers and just leg it i know it sucks but tis the cheapest way.
  3. BrandonH

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    I got zero response from the fliers that I put out earlier in the year. I was thinking that something that looked more professional coming first class mail may get more attention than the door to door thing. I know personally I tend to read all my first class mail, but most of the bulk mail or fliers that come to my house don't get looked at.

  4. TheKingNJ

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    I just put flyer's out this week(newspaper boxes only) I got an ok response out of them. I got one call about detaching and a few others that wanted me to come back and see if the visual quote i left of my flyer was a good one after walking around their property.
    I think the cheapest way is better because then you can afford to reach more people.
    I'd go with the flyers, to an extent i don't think people will care if you have a color flyer that was printed on a home computer or a full color letter that was very expensive to send out. Your name gets out there ether way. It is nice to have professonally printed up brosures and what not but I think the flyers would work just fine.
    The other day I ran my printer out of ink and i wanted another 100 flyers i went to UPS and they told me $0.99 for a color copy. Wow that is a lot, I though to myself i'm probally better getting the black and white copy for 0.03 cents and stapling the dollar i saved on it to the flyer and giving it to the costumer. I think i would have gotten a better response with the black and white flyer with the dollar stapled to it rather then the full color that i paid a dollar for. I was really considering that but then i just went to office max and bought myself a new ink cartage.
  5. Trevors Lawn Care

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    I have a specific letter that i print two to a page to attach to mailboxes. I printed out 100 fliers today at the UPS store on colored paper for 11 bucks. I handed all two hundred fliers out and am going back to print another thousand tomorrow. I hopefully will hand all those out tomorrow and go from there.

    Go with the fliers, mialings dont work. I tried mailing to our church members and got one account out of 200 families.

  6. BrandonH

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    The problem I have with fliers is that the neighborhoods I am wanting to target have strict regulations against soliciting. I'd much rather get a call from a potential customer rather than the sheriff's department.

  7. Trevors Lawn Care

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    Then why did you ask us? If you have your mind made up do it. Dont ask us, then when we all say go this way, say "oh no I am gonna go this way."

  8. Team Gopher

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    Hi BrandonH,

    Can you post your flier? Maybe someone here can point something out to make them more successful?
  9. charlies

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    gopher is right, you should be getting a response out of your flier. let's see it.
  10. polecat63

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    As far as neighborhoods not restricting solicitors...last I checked this was still a free country. In Va the signs at the front of a community don't mean a thing, it has to be posted on each individual property. Beside, you're passing out "handbills", not "soliciting".

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