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fliers vs doorhangers

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what do people notice and respond to more? a full size piece of paper gets MY attention moreso and you can squeeze more info in BUT a doorhanger just looks more professional and efficient... If you had to choose one to dump money into,which would you choose?..and yes,just one! ;)
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flyers are cheaper if one color and u can print them up and change the offer any time u want thats why i like them
I wouldn't just "dump" my money into anything. If I absolutely had to pick one it would definitely be the doorhangers. Just a little while ago I was asking about direct mail. You can target where you want to send to. It's a little more expensive, but I think it's worth it.
I have tried direct mail flyers the past 2 years, don't really work at all.

Door hangers I am going to try the end of summer for new customers next year. Going to be interesting at how it works.

Make sure though that if you are doing door hangers to get with your city or township to see whether or not you need a permit to do it. Here where I am from it is called a "peddlers permit"
Originally posted by Tim Canavan
I wouldn't just "dump" my money into anything.
just my cool way of saying "investing in my business" :)
I have had much better luck with flyers, cheaper too.
I have pretty good luck with direct mail flyers in retirement areas here in Florida. I usually get 3% response from areas that are predominately retirees. Working class areas don't bring as much response but I tend to get the higher end accounts from people that are still working. The poor economy isn't helping things. People out of work will cut out lawn maintenance the moment they lose their job. Maybe next year will bring better economic conditions and more high end accounts.
I like door hangers. They are more acceptable. If you want to rubber-band flyers to the front door, fine. Flyers left in the mailbox are illegal and flyers tossed on someones lawn are litter and a bad way to represent a company that keeps yards clean.
Originally posted by A1 Grass
Flyers left in the mailbox are illegal and flyers tossed on someones lawn are litter and a bad way to represent a company that keeps yards clean.
Get this, saw a guy from a large name Lawn Care Co. around here throwing plastic packets full of literature. So I got to thinking thats totally unfair since I spend the money to be legit and use mailers. So I give a call to the local Police and they tell me there's nothing wrong with tossing this junk on peoples driveways. I ask the Police about sticking flyers on mailboxes and they tell me thats OK too. Just don't stick it inside the box. Guess when it comes down to it no one really cares. I'll still use the mailers but I may as well take advantage of the other means of "advertizing".
I have used flyers with less than 1% return rate...professionally made. I have tried the door hanger deal...VERY tired at the end of the day with only 200 handed out (6 hours). Less than 1% return rate on them to.
Door hangers rock!

I have said this before and it is true. I had fantastic success with them and this is the first year I put them out.

Reasons: (1) they look professional; (2) I think they set you apart from the many, many operations using fliers; (3) taking the extra moment to actually put them on a door knob is a nice touch & sometimes gives you an opportunity for face to face contact which is a good thing; (4) you avoid all of the pitfalls and legalities that go along with "stuffing" mail boxes, newspapers, etc.

The time thing. I solved that one by getting my 8yo daughter and some of her friends together & they basically ran up to all the doors on the streets while I tooled along in the truck (with company lettering) at 2 mph. I gave each of the girls a company hat too. Worked GREAT.

Also, think I'm whack or whatever but I paid the gals .25 for each hanger they put out ;) They wanted to be involved & I was happy to get them out there. I don't think 8 and 10 year olds make better money than that anywhere else! They were thrilled & so was I. I treated them out for icecream afterward.
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