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    I really dont know what to do for fliers next year. We have buku flyers printed out and last year we put them in mailboxes but in small amounts but i know its illegal to do that so what is a way to get around this should i just put them in mailboxes again or can i put them between the flag and the box and be safe or what. Thanks Tom
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    There's transparent tape and clear plastic door hanger bags that you can hang.
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    Here's the "I dun had it with the bs" ultimate no-nonsense solution for putting out ALL your flyers in record time. It's how I used to do it once I got so tired of it that I couldn't do it any other way because my body resisted every effort, if you know what I mean.

    - Buy 2 or 3 rolls of 1/2" masking tape. 1/2" is the perfect size, it's cheap, and effective.
    - Take a box of flyers (at least 1,000, you want to make sure you got enough) and the tape with you.
    - Pick a neighborhood, any one will do but really, one with NO paperboxes is better than one with.
    - Then, drive down the wrong side of the road slowly, and between mailboxes tear off small strips of tape.
    - Attach these strips to dashboard of car, hold one or 2 on fingers.
    - When you get to a mailbox, stick a piece of tape to the TOP of the flyer and leave a little sticking out.
    - Then, stick the whole thing with the tape onto the POLE or the POST of the mailbox.
    Do NOT stick it ON the mailbox or the paperbox, stick it on the POLE or POST.
    - Keep doing it, drive from mailbox to mailbox and careful you don't hit anything, and sticker them all.

    It works great! It is the fastest, most efficient method we ever figured out, we could put out 1,000 flyers in 5-6 hours back in the days, whether solo or with a friend, it's a little more fun with a friend. You may not think people see it, but people notice it left and right!
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    i like that tape idea thats good

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