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    my bigest selling point on my flier is, 100.00 month maintance fee. that going out once every 7 days. and 10% off spring cleaning. that's only on yards under an Aker. is there any thing else that would be a good selling point? I only want to be in the lawn maintance side of the bussiness.
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    IMHO, it's not a good practice to put your price so blatantly on the fliers. In my first year, I had the bright idea of putting "Average Lawns $25 and up" on mine (I had defined average to myself as under 1/4 acre with basically no trimming, and all within a small radius of where I am located). Needless to say, everyone that called from that flier was a price shopper-learned my lesson quickly that way! The minute some other fly by night job came into town for $15 a cut, the customers left. I know you've probably heard it before, but think of how much time and money you have invested in cutting up to an acre. $25 MIGHT be fine for really small yards, but if you get acre lots with tons of trees, beds, etc. you'll lose your shirt quickly.
    Promotions like percentages off seem to work well for some people, but it's important to include some sort of quality assurance statement. When you sell quality, you can demand more per cut and actually make a living.
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    Nice! $25.00/cut....
    $4.00 gas
    $6.00 taxes
    $4.00 insurance
    $2.00 equipment depreciation.

    $9.00/cut for you...

    I'd say $100/month for 4 cuts is definately undercutting, I mean a great selling point....
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    Then take that home and pay the portion of the Electric bill for the garage and running your computers and such, add your administrative fees and supplies, wear and tear on the truck - let alone the use of a truck, and we haven't even TOUCHED on replacement costs...and that McDonalds job will be looking pretty appealing. Buy a few groceries, personal items, have a little to help out with health costs, set aside a little for retirement, and ...oh, nevermind...I've already crossed into the negative integers.
  5. Carolina Cuts

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    ack! I wasn't even gonna go there.....
    Now MickyDonalds is looking pretty good to me too.... :cry:

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