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    Hey guys,
    This sounds kind of funny, but i have these flies at my house that hover around and fight each other all summer long. I have sprayed them with all kinds of killers, but nothing seems to work. they always come back. I was wondering if you guys new what kind of fly this is or if you know of anything that is good for killing flies period. Thanks for any responses.

    Thanks, Zach
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    We need a better discription of the fly. Also where are you seeing them, and other information.

  3. sglawn

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    The fly looks like your ordinary house fly. Same size, color, and everything, but they fight each other constintly. I have a big bank with hedge and monkey grass mostly with a few momosa trees in my back yard. This is where i see most of them. But I have three or four that hang around inside my garage when i have the garage door open. This is where i started noticing them. But I see alot of them buzzing around the monkey grass and blackberry bushes on the bank in my back yard. I hope this helps you a little bit.
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    I'm trying one of these out this year http://www.rescue.com/Products/DisposableFlyTrap.asp I put it out last week and it has already sucked in several dozen flies. Much better performance than the sticky hanging fly strips only down side is if you hang it in your garage you get a whiff of something dead when you walk by it so I moved it outside the garage door which I guess is a much better location than attracting them inside. So far I like it and I'm thinking of getting some of the reusable traps to hang around at other places http://www.rescue.com/Products/ReusableFlyTrap.asp

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    LOL I'm not so sure they are fighting...

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