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flip up deck


LawnSite Member
I did a search and couldn't find anything about the Great Dane flip up deck. I saw it on Ebay, a 52" WB that folded up to fit into 36" gates. Has anyone used one, and are they worth it. I could use one. I mow alot of accounts that only a 36" will fit. :waving:


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have one and its a reliable mower, cuts very even and well but it is not a great striper. Also the fold up deck is great it saves me alot of time where theres gated lawns.


LawnSite Senior Member
Hustler was supposed to have the Gatemaster? out by now. Does anyone know what happened to it? It was a 48 inch walk behind. One side of the deck would lift up and the deck would then move more into the center of the machine (sort of standing on the deck on end). This made for a very narrow width that would fit through any gate.