Flipped My Exmark! (pic)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr Lawns, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Regardless of the answer you get... all ZTR controls should be break-away type (open anywhere) or between the legs like Great Dane.

    I call the other type "trapsticks".
  2. Wright Mfg

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    I think doing a breakaway control system would be saying to not use the seatbelt and roll bar, promoting "trying" to jump off, which may result to something worse, like getting squashed by the mower or roll bar.

    Between the leg controls force you to put your hands only towards the middle, and people seem to like to have their hands spread apart, more straight out in front of the armrests.

    The answer is, get a Stander, problems solved.

  3. loneryder

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    the slope down to my pond. I stay the hell away from it with my Z-Master.
    Glad no one was injured.
  4. Mickhippy

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    Wow! I cant really understand what happened though.
    Which slope were you mowing? The left looks mowed but the machine looks rolled from the right.
    No way I would take a machine onto that ditch, with all that rock at the bottom. Also, the grass/weed on the right slope looks to spindly to take a machine on. That much visible dirt would mean loss of traction IMO.
    Could you just explain a little more how it happened?
  5. lpkatsavage

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    so thats what they look like underneath!
  6. mock

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    damn that has got to suck any major damage?
  7. DBL

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    hey we do that once a week to change blades

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