Float or fixed 36" walk behind?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kona, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I am going to purchace my 1st mower in a few weeks. I have decided to get a 36" , belt driven metro or metro HP. I will be cutting a few lawns with some ruts from water drainage in them . I need to know if the Floating deck will scalp them less or just stick with the fixed. I will be cutting my own new lawn and about 3-5 others. Thanks
    __ Also are the drive belts hard to change in the field!!
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    The 36" fixed deck units don't tend to scalp all that much. There will be instances where the fixed deck will scalp and the floating will not but often this can be avoided by changing your approach angles as well.

    If you looking at the floating deck based on which one is going to scalp less there is not enough advantage to the Metro HP to justify the added expense. The fixed deck 36 just isn't going to scalp that often.

    If you are looking at the Metro HP based on features then absolutely go with the Metro HP. Taller drive tires, which makes the controls smoother, climbs curbs better, and has better traction. The Metro HP also features a much faster simpler cutting height adjustment, simpler deck belt adjustment, longer deck belt life, more positive blade brake system, and easier blade removal. Many of our customers also feel a floating deck has a higher quality of cut, not necessarily because it floats but because of constant correct deck pitch.

    As far as changing drive belts in the field, they really don't wear that fast if you keep an eye on them you'll probably change them before they break. When you to replace them all that is required is the removal of one belt guide, remove the hairpin that holds the linkage to the drive idler. This will allow you to flip the arm out of the way and then remove the old belt and reverse the process. It really should only take one maybe two wrenches and a couple of minutes.

    If this is your only mower and your only using it on a few lawns then I'd probably go with the Metro HP. The Metro will work just fine and your not going to wear it out but there are some features that will make life a little easier. I had a Metro that I used for several years and it did everything I ever asked of it but if calculated the extra $500 initial investment vs. the life of the machine the Metro HP to me makes more sense. Then again Metro vs. Metro HP is sort of like standard or luxury package when buying a new vehicle. It all comes down to how much the added convenience is worth to you.

    If you are cutting a new lawn I would also recommend the mulch kit. Recycling the clippings can help protect a young lawn if the weather conditions become too hot or too dry.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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    Terry gave you great advice! We have both mowers and I personally go with the fixed deck 36" metro w/12.5 kaw.

    Either way you can't go wrong.

    just don't buy either mower w/ ECS! Get PISTOL GRIP!!
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    unless you are planning on doing mostly small yards or have a lot of fences to go through, I would very seriously look at a 48" deck. I know this is not related to your question and I hate to give you another thing to have to consider but I am very glad that I bought the 48. I to originally thought about a 36" deck. In fact I have a new eXmark 52" on order.

    I hope this helps,


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