floating deck or fixed deck????

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    what kind of decks do you guys run? i've heard that alot of people run the fixed deck mowers. what are the pros and cons of both and which is better. i thought floating decks were good so when you have a yard that isn't so flat that you don't dig it up. but i've heard about the cut not being as even???? need alittle help with this one. thanks bill
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    For 11 years and who knows how many big WB's (52" and 61" machines) we have used, we have always been fine with fixed decks. We rarely change the cutting height on our machines so it is no big deal to move the front caster spacers up or down once in a great while.

    BTW, any machine will scalp if the operator isn't paying attention. Period
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    one pro for a Fixed deck is they are cheaper than a floating.... I feel that fixed decks seem to stripe better than floating(dont ask why i feel that way but i do)..... I use floating decks.. I think fixed decks have the ability to scalp easier than floating decks but they both can scalp if not careful.... I do cut the grass at different lengths thru out the summer so thats why I went with floating...
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    just do a search here and read past threads...kenny :sleeping:
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    70% of all these threads are re-ocurring.....
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    I've been away for a while.....looking for the interesting ones these days in that 30% you talked about.

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