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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by erock53, May 4, 2004.

  1. erock53

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    I have decided on an Exmark 48" gear drive, but can't decide on getting a fixed deck vs a floating deck. I think the price difference is around $700. I am not a comercial mower, but I do cut about 4 yards in my neighborhood. For the price difference, I think the only difference is bigger tires and the floating deck. Could someone help justify the large price difference. Would I really be able to see the difference. I would love to get the hydro, but just too much money for me to spend.
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    a floating deck is great. It keeps the mower from scalping when it goes into a dip or something. I was told that I should only use one for a house that is like $500,000+ a fixed deck is nice too, you just have to be careful with the dips and bumps.
  3. eXmark

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    If you ask me the controls operate much more smoothly with the larger drive tires. I also like the cutting height adjustment of the floating deck and much simpler deck belt adjustment as well.

    The floating deck is more forgiving than the fixed deck in a couple of areas. The first and most obvious is scalping. The floating deck is generally much less likely to scalp than the fixe deck models. The cutting height adjustment of the floating deck is also much simpler as well. On the fixed deck mower you may need to make minor compromises to cutting performance to make quick changes in cutting heights or you may need to re-adjust the blade spacers, drive axle and caster spacers.

    If the lawns are realatively flat and you're not planning on changing cutting heights the fixed deck may be all you really need.

    Maybe the LS members have some thoughts on this as well.


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    I'm in the market for the Lazer CT 48"/18 Kohler.....hope to purchase in the next 3 wks. or so.

    I thought all the Exmark ZTR's came standard with a floating deck...please advise???
  5. dishboy

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    It is that beautiful cut at any height you want IMO and it is worth what ever you need to pay to get it.
  6. erock53

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    Thanks for your help. A few more questions about the fixed vs floating: As far as performance of cut, which one will mulch better?, which one will discharge better? Is there a larger air space above the blades on one of the decks? or are the decks exactly the same except how they are mounted to the frame?

    Question about options. Can I get a striping kit for the 48" Metro HP floating? I thought I saw some posts that said that it didn't fit. I know that a striping kit is not available for the fixed Metro. How about cost?
    What about the mulching kit? Cost? Does it come with a different set of blades? If that were true, if I bought the WB and the mulching kit would I have 2 sets of blades?
    What about the steerable sulky? Cost? Can I adapt it to another walkbehind? My other WB is a Cub Cadet.
  7. eXmark

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    You are correct. All Exmark riding mowers have floating decks
  8. eXmark

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    Both decks technically perform equally in terms of mulching and discharging performance. The difference is that with the fixed deck there are more steps to take when making cutting heights to ensure the best quality of cut. This also affects the air cavity above the mower blades as well. With a fixed deck you may need to make adjustments of several components to reach certain cutting heights and attain the best quality of cut at a given height. These items include raising of lower the blades with in the deck as well as raising or lower the front of the deck with the front caster spacers and the rear of the deck with the rear axle adjustment. You won't need to adjust all of these in all cases but it is possible that when making larger cutting height changes you would.

    We do not offer a striping roller for the Metro or the Metro HP and I am not aware of any projected time frame for when or if one will be available.

    The Mulch kit is one of may favorite accessories. The kits retail for around $155 for most 48" models. A set of blades is provided with the mulch kit. Some dealers will give you the original blades and deduct it from the installation cost others will send the blades with you. I say take the blades. Most people will use them sooner or later.........besides they can get you by in a pinch for a little while if you should damage one of the mulching blades.

    The steerable sulky will fit any Exmark walk behind mower. It is unlikely that it will fit any other brands of mowers without modification.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Thank you,


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