Floating vs. Fixed decks?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. MikeKle

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    I was wondering whats everyones choice,Floating or Fixed decks? when I first started I had a metro 48 with a fixed deck and could not wait to buy a floating deck,now I think I actually like the fixed deck better,mainly because the floating deck on my turf tracer 52 tends to push the back side of the deck up when going over a low spot or a bump which then it gets stuck in this position until you "knock" it back down.Also when making slight cutting height adjustments,nothing beats a fixed deck.We tend to cut all of our yards the same height anyway except for a few that we cut higher.the only negative of the fixed deck I could think of is the lack of weight on the front end and doing wheelies is fairly common when using a velke with one,plus most fixed deck mowers Ive seen are gear drives and somewhat under-powered,come to think of it Ive never seen more than a 14-17hp on a fixed deck mower.
  2. chuck bow

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    My choice is the Scag Ultimate floating deck, easy to change compared to fixed and i have just got used to using floating decks , been using them since 99 Scag coming out with another floating deck this spring .......... the PRO V looks much easier to change than any i have seen changes just llike there z with a one pin change and also a travel position
  3. grasswhacker

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    Anything above a 36" deck, I would go with a floating one. 36" and under is pretty easy to control to keep from scalping.
  4. PTSolutions

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    i know we dont have a walkbehind, but we are looking for one for next season, i wont even look at a fixed deck model, we vary our cutting heights from client to client quite often so it would be a nightmare to do that, depending on the type of grass our client has and the current weather, we go from 3" cut to 3.75-4"

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