Flooded 2" water Pump, like in the Creek

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Fordsuvparts, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I'm hoping that I can get some pointers on what to look for in terms of hidden damage in the engine. We use this pump to water parts of our tree farm and had a strong rain about 2 months ago and it washed the pump from it's supposedly safe spot on high ground. The pump was in about 2 feet of water for over a week, when I found it it was about half full of sand and mud.
    I took everything that I could apart down to the bare block and left the pistons in place. Everything had mud and water in it but the gas tank. I used carb cleaner and parts cleaner to rinse everthing out and changed the plug and put fresh gas in it. It has the the low oil cut-off sensor and I had to disable that to get it to start( it was full of oil) it starts easily put now smokes bad and idles up and down on its own. I did replace the low oil sensor and hooked it back up. Could the water and sand have damaged the piston rings or cylinder maybe the carb. It was not running when this happened and was not started until it was flushed several times and the oil changed 3 times. I The first thing i did was pull the plug and spray wd-40 in the cylinder. Any help would be appreciated say from ( Restrorob) or others.
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    soak the block in karosein(sp).That will help clean the rings,crank and what ever else is in there.Let it soak for a good day. Then blow it all out. If you dont have access to any of that. Get a case of brake parts cleaner and use them to clean everything.
    Hope this helps. Oh how does the cylinder look? Does it have any rust in it. You may need to put a ball honer to it. It looks like this

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    It would be my guess that some sand got between the rings on the piston, I agree with what Chad said about checking the cylinder, But you want to pull the piston also. Clean everything with mineral spirits, It can be picked up at any hardware or paint store by the gallon. If you don't have a flex hone try your local repair shop and see if they will cross hatch the cylinder for you then go ahead and replace the rings if the piston skirt doesn't have a excessive amount of scratches. Also do a complete tear-down on the carb. and spray choke cleaner thru ALL passages and blow out with compressed air.

    Also don't be alarmed if it smokes a little should you replace the rings, It's possible that being submerged let some oil get into the muffler and just needs burning out.

    Since you mentioned oil alert, I will guess this is a Honda and possibly a GX160. If so you can look-up and purchase parts here; http://www.planopower.com/store/honda/index_gx160.shtml#K1a

    Good Luck
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    i once worked for a "bargain hunter" who bought a pallet of Honda 4 inch trash pumps that were submerged in salt water for a week. other than completely disassembling them, and i mean EVERY nut, bolt, and washer, and changing the low oil sensors, they worked. could have knocked me over with a feather...i begged him not to buy them. we got them right away after they came out of the water, im guessing that helped.

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