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Flooded Classen Sod Cutter. HELP!

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I have a Classen 18" sod cutter and I think I flooded the engine. At first it started after a few pulls. After about 45 secs I tried to use it and the engine cut out. I tried starting it again and no dice. After a few minutes it started but wouldn't go full speed and the engine cut out. I removed the spark plug and died out again. Now I can't even get it started.

I left it out in the patio and the sprinklers went on in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to me. Would this be an issue?

Please help!

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First check the air filter, see if the sprinklers soaked it. If it did it will cause air restriction and flood it with gas.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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