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Flooded Classen Sod Cutter. HELP!

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I have a Classen 18" sod cutter and I think I flooded the engine. At first it started after a few pulls. After about 45 secs I tried to use it and the engine cut out. I tried starting it again and no dice. After a few minutes it started but wouldn't go full speed and the engine cut out. I removed the spark plug and died out again. Now I can't even get it started.

I left it out in the patio and the sprinklers went on in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to me. Would this be an issue?

Please help!

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First check the air filter, see if the sprinklers soaked it. If it did it will cause air restriction and flood it with gas.
Thanks but it was only slightly wet in one little spot which I dried.
How long has it sat, with Gas in it?
It has a full tank and that's how I rented it. I removed the spark plug which didn't seem to be wet. I pulled the cord a few times to try and remove any gas. I also used my air compressor to blow out any gas. It still won't start. Yesterday it started right up.
I got it. The gas lever was off for some reason. I must have flipped it over on accident. Thanks for all the help.
I felt like a dumb ass but I'm glad I got it started. I was afraid I broke it.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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