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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SLR, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. SLR

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    Craftsmen LT1000 16hp
    Worked great last cut,this time,will run at low-lower mid throttle,anything higher(or trying to engage blades) and it'll bog itself out &stall.
    I have did all the basics:inspect/clean spark,air filter clean,carb taken apart twice,inspected&cleaned,breather cleaned,fresh fuel,always has clean oil..it's like the carb float needle valve let's gas through and floods it out..i spent 3hrs on it now & i about given up!
  2. SLR

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    Not a peep in 43 views...??? i did do a search with "no matches found"
    (if you think i'm just being a lazy poop.)
  3. dutch1

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    SLR, check out the sticky post on the opening page. Craftsman LT1000 tells us nothing about the engine you have. With make and full engine ID numbers, you may get a bite or 2.
  4. herler

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    Yeah or slap a new carburetor on and see if that fixes it.
  5. SLR

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    Ok the numbers..

    Engine: 16.5hp B&S

    Model- 310707
    Type - 037-E1
    Code - 020619ZE

    Family- YBSSXS.5012VP 274826

    Carburator= Nikki
    #'s stamped on carb: 696353
    2509 B

    Mower 004.jpg

    Mower 007.jpg

    Mower 006.jpg

    Mower 008.jpg
  6. 04cubcadet3235

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    Ok ive had this happen a few times (the flooding) Heres what you do... Put a fuel line to the carb, and gas should flow down to where the bowl would be, but hold the float up and make sure the gas flow 100% stops, if it doesn't its a bad needle valve/seat. It could also be because of a pinhole on the float somewhere and gas goes in and makes it heavy so the float cant go back up to stop the flow of gas when the carb bowl fills, so shake the float and make sure you cant hear any gas in there. Its also a common problem for those shutoff plungers at the bottom of the bowl to get stuck open or closed, push that up and down a few times and make sure it moves freely. Also, turn the key on and make sure the plunger is being pulled down.
  7. SLR

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    Double post..
  8. SLR

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    Thanks 04cubcadet!!
    I did perform all of what you said yesterday,i even put my mouth on the fuel tank and blew and watched to see if any leaks came out of the float valve while applying a little pressure for resistance..it will run absolutly fine,but when i throttle up it sputters to stalling,just like something leaking and pouring gas into the intake..this problem is quite perplexing as i can usually figure stuff like this within a hour..the seloniod plunger mover "Down" when ignition key is turned on,all seats,parts are ****&span clean & smoothly functions/no stickyness. I put well over 10hours on it in the last month and this just suddenly started this problem..it stalls so fast that no black exhaust can be seen also,but it CANNOT be restarted unless the airfilter assembly is removed so it can clear out,(lots of thick white smoke when i quickly take of airfilter)so definatly a flooding issue.
  9. 04cubcadet3235

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    Haven't really seen that exact issue before with this engine to where it stalls and floods so bad it wont restart without the air filter being taken off, what i do know is when there is smoking out of the exhaust on these motors, its the head gasket since that's a common issue with them, also the valves need frequent adjustment since they tend to loosen up. At this point, id go ahead and take your carb off, completely clean it again since the first time you clean them some debris can still be left in there, and id also go ahead and adjust your valves. Do both those and tell us if its any better. By the way, is there any oil in the crank case?
  10. SLR

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    150views and only one good samaritian(04cubcadet) comes forth...i found the problem 04cub,i'll pm you the problem if you want to know what it was..i got more help on a truck forum go figure!

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