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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lucky45, Nov 3, 2001.

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    I just moved from NYS to West Central Fl, Citrus county and it is in 3 year drought mode as far as lawn care is concerned! They have 70% retired people some of which hire out lawncare/home repair.

    I have mower, trimmers, trailer, truck, as well as my handyman homeowner skills in welding, carpentry, PM of all size vehicles,etc.

    Since Sept 11, jobs are non-existant or low pay, I need input as to business startup at this time.

    Feedback has been that locals do not showup for work as soon as they have enough money for parting or fishing!
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    As far as a drought goes no big deal 6 mo a year you will cut once a week, then every other week for the next 6 mo. All you have to do is show up and care about your work and you will do just fine.

    As far as feedback goes worry about yourself, you will do much better. People just can't stand that the grass grows all year long
    and the girls are half dressed. Enjoy the Sunshine State.
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    Thankgiving to super bowl people are buying or paying for x-mas and work falls off.

    Oct 15 thru thanksgiving snowbirds are returning to find that the same locals you discribed left their place in a mess.

    Feb thur April second crew of snowbirds arrive or they all are getting ready to go back north.

    advertise in the local free shopper with a real big phone # the old people can't see.

    Call forward to a cell phone or have a human answer the phone. return all calls right away. Make sure you return all calls right away. People will call around untill they get someone to answer their question. then they stop calling. Make appoint for esimates and show up on time.

    Use a proposal form or esimate form and write all esimate. itemize your esimate to a total. Grass cutting, weed whooping, Sprinkler head clean out Etc. Older people want to see where their money is spent. shaking your head and saying it will cost about so much is not professional.

    Show up to do the work. Let me repete Show up to do the work on time, everytime. That is the biggest complain of retirees. Remember they have nothing to do and all day to do it in. You are todays entertanement for them.

    In the begaining spend time talking to them be there friend but don't let them know you have any problem. You are that nice happy young man that does what he says and you always are on time. and word of mouth will work.

    Do not Lowball repete Do not lowball sell youself and your services. Cheap work gets cheap refferals


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