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  1. mark11771

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    Thanks for the input, I'm still unsure as to what I'm going to do, I may just send out a bunch of resumes and see what comes of it. I lived in Tennessee for 2 years and wasn't effected by the heat and humidity, plus I acquired a fairly good understanding of different types of plants and grasses while there.
  2. Patriot Services

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    TN is a solid three to four zones to the north. Not even close to our climate which pretty much stays the same. There's a very good reason we have our own forum. Much of what is north of J-ville just doesn't apply down here.
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  3. zturncutter

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    For sure, it snowed around Pensacola this year but parts of my landscape include Spaths, Crotons, Hibiscus and Dwarf Powderpuff. Nothing was even touched by the cold this year and I did not cover anything.
  4. OneLineAtATime

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    From Ohio.. Wanting to make the move... Need to sell my Company for 7 figures (dont think it will happen) so running it from here.. (in palm beach now visiting)...Also have 700k in realstate i need to sale as well..

    I hate the money/pricing i'm seeing in Florida.. I was all prepared to buy Ric's Fert company on here but he jerked me around..

    Now i have been looking for other careers, saw a few limo businesses for sale.. Seems they all only make 200k a year..
    I don't get what is wrong with businesses down here.. I'm only 33 years old, high school drop out and built a 7 figure Landscape/Tree service with nobody holding my hand..
    So dam hot here to landscape...

    I think all of us up north guys should team up.. Form the Yankee Landscape & Tree Service:laugh:
  5. Ric

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    I didn't jerk you around. I gave you my phone number and you never called me. In the Mean time my health is good and I hired a helper. I am working part time to stay active, not make a living. BTW If I knew you didn't have a High School Diploma, I would of told you, You can't qualify to sit for the Fla. CPO test.

  6. zturncutter

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    Surprising a Millionaire self made man would come on Lawnsite and whine, I have to call BS.
  7. zturncutter

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    Now that's funny :clapping:
  8. OneLineAtATime

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    Im sure a GED will get it done.. hasnt stoped me yet..
    As for the b.s, google my company. .

    Got no reason to make stuff up..
    And Ric, im here in Sarasota now like I said I would be to come meet you and talk business. ..
    You pm me asking to sell, I didnt seek you out.
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  9. OneLineAtATime

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    Sorry if I came off wrong guys.. not trying to run my mouth. .
    Looking forward to building relationships.
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