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Florida bound!

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Put the lawn cutting aside for a week. Well the crew is gonna take over.... Drove down to Panama City,Florida to visit my daughter, an son in law and my grand daughter.

Man do I feel old!!!!;) :D

Nose Cheek Skin Chin Hairstyle
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That Gerber baby looks right at home with you. Congrats!


great pic. Congrats !!!
Lets be real, you are old........Compared to that little one!
Congratulations!;) She sure is cute! When I first saw the picture, I thought that would've been your son in law. I didn't realize that was you. See, - you're not that old!
I think she likes her grandpops look at that silly grin on her face :p
Congrat!! Nice photo Grandad. Is she your first??

Congrats........enjoy your time down there
Hey Jimbo I'm old, but not that old:D First one....:)
Beautiful photo. very sweet, makes you miss that age, though.:angel:
Dont go and ruin that kid by spoiling her! Just earned it. Spoil her as much as you can and then hand her back to mom and dad as you walk out the door.;)

Mine was spoiled something awful by her grandparents.

Take care,
:D I love throwin my clothes all over the place, leavin all the lights on, and doors open:D ;)
They turn ya to Jelly don't they? My little one it almost 7 months now. She sure makes my knees go weak.

congrats on the granddaughter buddy.

P.C. is great! Every now and then I pop over there to see the sights.

Nothin' like Tallahassee though. Thei is a money making town for lawn guys.

Enjoy your vacation and your granddaughter.

If it wasnt for the hair, beard, nose, and hat I would say Grandpa was looking in a mirror. I dont mean any disrespect to the baby either:D


Seriously though, look at those checks, chin and around the eyes...looks like Grandpa to me.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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