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    If you live in the Orlano area and want to get your Florida certification P.M. me. Do not waste my time this is only for people who are serious about this it takes a lot of time and enegery on your part. I have done this with a couple of LCO's allready. 1 just sat for the exam 1 more soon I will be looking for 1 maybe 2 more to do this for. No you do not need to give up your company. So if you are interested Give me a shout.
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    I am bumping this to the top because I have made similar posts in the past with NO Luck.

    Oh sure I get the guy at the other end of the world that wants to work off my license or a Rent-a-License, and That is not going to happen. Just like you I only want those who are willing to put in their time and will help out. I called my buddy who is working for you and ask if he was the one who passed the CPO test. No he still has a few more months to go. Since I hooked you two guys up, I would like to think you both have benefited. If he lived closer to me, I would have done the same thing.

    Maybe this post would do better in the mowing forum. But from past experience, most Yard Boys can't see the value of the fine training and opportunity we are offering them. I am now only doing Fert & Squirt working part time doing 120 accounts a month or 5 to 6 yards a day in about 3 hours and making twice the money and 1/10 the headaches of cutting grass. I make my own schedule and take a week at a time off because I can do 300 accounts a month very easily. But at my age I am not trying to set the world on fire, Only add to my retirement income. BTW I only wanted to do a 100 accounts max, But because of my fear of the poor economy I have taken on a few more accounts instead of turning them down.

    Good Luck in finding the right person, there are so few who have what it takes to be a Florida CPO instead of a Yard Boy.
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    Hey I know someone who was willing to take you up on your offer...he even bought some specialized equipment and sends you new customers but July 31st. came and went and I think you may have forgotten him?:laugh: glad to see you came back to lawnsite...we have missed the excitement
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    Who missed the planned Dinner get together back in July????????? I am not going to chase you down.
  5. man, if only you guys lived near me, this is EXACTLY what i want to do. I like maintenance and landscaping, but i think being licensed for this stuff is a great way to upsell and make more money. I love learning about this stuff. If you guys know of anyone in my area, please let me know.
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    ric where the hell have you been? i know there have been no huricanes yet!
    glad your back
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    There are a few Rent-A-License outfits around the state. They have found all the loop holes and already gone through the court system and law suits to actually be legal. However while they let you spray under their license it comes at a very heavy price. A large buy in and monthly fees are just a start. They take a health share off each job. Mandatory training session are also another way of getting your money. And of course a non-compete clause that keeps you after you put in your time.

    One such outfit is in a town just south of me. I have seen 3 or 4 guys try it in my area and not last.

    Tim and I are of the same believe when it comes to helping other get licensed. Tim and I talk on the phone regularly and one of the guys he helps is a friend of mine. First and foremost we DON"T CHARGE MONEY. We also require that everything and I mean Everything is totally above the board and legal. It is OUR License and certification on the line. We only require that the individual puts forward an honest effort to help us and learn the business. We are there for them and only let them treat our accounts under our direct supervision. Our direct supervision means we are present on the job. They don't have to work for us full time but we do expect them to give us a few days each month. This is a long term commitment but a real future for the right individual. Not everyone is going to make the grade.
  8. A.T.A.K

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    It's crazy the calls I have received for this. Everyone wants something given to them I may stop this all together. I find it hard to belive not one landscaper wants his certificate.
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    i think thats the same thing ric ran into everybody wants something for nothing... if i wanted a career change i would jumped all over it when ric offered it some time ago.. but i enjoy my job and knock on wood my shop has been very busy....
  10. Ric

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    Yep I have been offered all kinds of deals for Rent-a-license. Sorry Homey doesn't fly that way. I went back to college and got a degree in my late 50's just to qualify to sit for the CPO test. I didn't have the opportunity that Tim & I are offering.


    Not only are you one of the more knowledgeable people on the board, You are only interested it Lawn Care as a homeowner. Yet I see you answer questions for those who claim to be certified and professional. Heck you have even corrected me on labels we were discussing. You also have my Bank Card number for buying joint chemicals which I trust you with completely. But you are that strange breed that wants to work for what you get and expects nothing for free. I am sure you will have a long and happy life in your chosen profession and won't ever need a CPO. But after watching your knowledge grow here on LS, I felt you deserved a chance if you wanted it. Florida CPO is not as easy task to get and still keep a business or other job. Opportunities are very limited. I guess that limited entry is what makes our profession so lucrative here in the bug capital of America.

    But before we take any one under our wing, We want to be sure they are worth the effort. They have got to have our respect. That respect means they are smart enough and honest enough that we can trust them. Our Licenses are on the line should they do something illegal. First time we even hear of Moon Lighting (treating on the side), they are gone.

    BTW TIM is my GO TO GUY when it comes to Structural Pest Control and he is real sharp on L & O also. He is more than capable of giving excellent training. Heck he has trained me on many occasions.

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