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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Steve5389, Apr 12, 2018.

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    I guess if you can be in and out in a few and/or you have several customers at a stop then it works out. About what would you gross, travel time included? I'm guessing you do better than most in your area.
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    Yea, I do ok. All these places are tight communities. Everybody wants to keep up with everybody. Your rep is everyting. These are the same people on the HOA boards. You get in good and you're a made man. My trucks may only move a mile in a day. We cut dozens even almost 200 in one area. Vast majority get all the add-ons too. Nobody wants just a mow guy. We're going through a building boom too, so onwards and upwards.
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    Seriously. I’ve got one house in a new development that there is literally a pass with the weed eater between my customer’s hedges and their neighbor’s hedges. Other side is a 22” mower pass. It’s crazy how tight some of the neighborhoods are.

    The thing a lot of people also forget is here, a vast majority of houses single-story. Big footprint difference when that 2000 square for house is spread out over the 1/4 lot instead of going up.
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