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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Steve, Apr 12, 2018.

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    I guess if you can be in and out in a few and/or you have several customers at a stop then it works out. About what would you gross, travel time included? I'm guessing you do better than most in your area.
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    Yea, I do ok. All these places are tight communities. Everybody wants to keep up with everybody. Your rep is everyting. These are the same people on the HOA boards. You get in good and you're a made man. My trucks may only move a mile in a day. We cut dozens even almost 200 in one area. Vast majority get all the add-ons too. Nobody wants just a mow guy. We're going through a building boom too, so onwards and upwards.
  3. Todd73

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    Seriously. I’ve got one house in a new development that there is literally a pass with the weed eater between my customer’s hedges and their neighbor’s hedges. Other side is a 22” mower pass. It’s crazy how tight some of the neighborhoods are.

    The thing a lot of people also forget is here, a vast majority of houses single-story. Big footprint difference when that 2000 square for house is spread out over the 1/4 lot instead of going up.
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    Discouraging but stand your ground example...I am in your area and just had a situation where a potential customer told me that another lawn service will mow weekly for $75 per month ($18.75 per cut). I politely said “wow that’s An incredibly good deal...if they are reliable.” And wished them good luck.

    My lord, I’m not going out there in the middle of the July heat for $18. The kid towing a mower with his bicycle makes more!
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    Ah yes... usually before we wish them good luck we ask them why they are looking for a new service with prices that low. Inevitably they aren’t showing up or they are providing horrible service. As we head to the truck we remind the homeowner that for $18 it just isn’t worth it for a reliable company to drop the gate.
    Recently had one that wanted us to do a small front yard for $15. ‘But it is so small, the last guy did it’... until he stopped showing up. We stuck with our pricing and never heard back which is perfect. As soon as the kid next door gets a mower we’d be dropped anyway.
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    I get lowballed much more by large companies as compared to solo or small outfits..
  7. kabrac

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    What kind of mowers are you guys, in say
    the Tampa, or other tight lots mowing with?

    How many per crew?

    How many a day and week are you able to do?

    Pulling trailers, or delivery truck type outfits?
    I know some take the bed off a regular pickup and put a flatbed w/ dove tail type rig...

  8. Dawson

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    60 inch Exmark and a 36 inch prostance for gates the 60 won't fit in. On a a 7x16 foot open trailer. Typical subdivision yard takes 20 to 30 minutes solo including driving time.
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    36" Trimstars with Kage sulky for residentials. Dixie Chopper 60s for a few large commercials. 8 two man crews, 3 man heavy maintenance and sod crew. Tundras with 7x14 TA open trailers. Average 30 to 36 lawns per crew daily depending on area. Most stops are 6-8 lawns. Another 12 employees in ancillary services. We work 11 hour days April to November.
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  10. kabrac

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    Do you or do you have a supervisor supervise all those crews?

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